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  1. Yeah I thought it was odd too! I would not want to leave it until 80k. That's A LOT of wear on the gearbox at that point. I think I will enquire again about that but at the garage I had the TCU tune from near Norwich. They were very good and very knowledgeable. They're into racing and track days and certainly knew their stuff.
  2. From what I have read, the DQ381 box on my Golf R is serviced at 80k... nothing less. I did ask about it at QuattroTech but they said it was 80k and that he couldn't even get the oil in for it?!? No idea.
  3. Evening All! Quick update for you.... second DSG reset did nothing, so I got it booked in for a TVS TCU Stage 2+ at AP Tuning in Lenwade near Norwich. It has definitely made everything SO much better. No slow gear changes anymore! The car DEFINITELY needed it. So, anybody wanting to get an ECU tune....definitely get your gearbox tuned as well! Thanks to all of you for your advice and guidance! I love this website 😍
  4. Thanks All. I need to have a think about what to do. I may try another DSG reset to see if that helps any more, and not put it into manual mode (which I find hard!), or I'm going to have to sink another several hundred (?) into a TVS STage 2+ TCU.... Modifying cars is costly 😄
  5. So, it's been a few more weeks. Mostly the gearbox is ok, but sometimes gears can be slow(er) to change. 3rd to 4th for example is a slower one, but 4th to 5th seems to react ok. I'm now outside of my 28 days for the Revo tune, but overall I am happy with the power increase and don't want to lose that. I still feel like I maybe shouldn't have started this journey, because of the fact that the gearbox isn't quite the same. I have, on a few occasions, managed to get a large DSG fart when up in the 4.5/5k revs area which I was able to easily do last time, so it's definite
  6. It sounds like it should be. From the videos I watched about doing a DSG reset, the guys doing it suggest doing it once a year to get rid of any lumpiness or when having a performance tune. The gearbox needs to adjust and re-learn based on the new power and torque it has. It makes sense and from the posts on here, and from watching the videos....it seemed like this would have been the solution. So far, from the short drive earlier, it's A LOT better.... still not as it was, but it needs more time/miles.
  7. I've been meaning to update the post, but I have been working all day. I was called by QuattroTech this morning after I sent a video yesterday of my slow gear changes. They suggested I pop it in to, essentially, have a DSG reset. I said that I was going to do this anyway with my OBD11, but as I struggled to find it.... and the fact they offered to do it, I took it there at around midday. The process took ~5 minutes and it is VERY different to how it behaved AFTER the Revo tune. I was told to drive it hard, and I did a few laps and went the longer way home and it is definitely bett
  8. Having a browse of the tinterweb this evening, there are numerous posts where people recommend or suggest doing the DSG reset once a year, or when a power/torque increase has been completed so that the gearbox can learn correctly. If I get up early enough tomorrow, I might give it a go with my OBD11, if not it can wait until next week.... but it sounds like that might be a solution.
  9. Maybe... it was QuattroTech in St Ives that I used.
  10. I have an OBD11 yes... I wouldn't know what I was looking for though... if you can point me in a direction? The garage said they have a stock VW map that they can apply, apparently.
  11. The guy at the garage did say if after a couple of weeks it was the same then he could apply the base DSG software?!? No idea what that will do, or whether it could cause issues long term. If he tries that and it is no better, then I think a refund is the way I would want to go. If it can be reverted would the DSG go back to what it was previously?
  12. Damn! That takes the whole stage 1 revo + TCU tune to £1300! 😞
  13. I'm not sure just yet. I'll have to see next time I take it out. I wasn't told that this would be the case, so this is a shite 😞 I guess it's something that some people just live with, but... the gearbox worked better before the stage 1!
  14. Interesting! I'm hoping they can come back with some sort of information, because the slower gear changes are crap and if anything I feel that they are putting more pressure on the clutch than they were before. Can I ask how much a TVS TCU tune is?
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