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  1. It sounds like it should be. From the videos I watched about doing a DSG reset, the guys doing it suggest doing it once a year to get rid of any lumpiness or when having a performance tune. The gearbox needs to adjust and re-learn based on the new power and torque it has. It makes sense and from the posts on here, and from watching the videos....it seemed like this would have been the solution. So far, from the short drive earlier, it's A LOT better.... still not as it was, but it needs more time/miles.
  2. I've been meaning to update the post, but I have been working all day. I was called by QuattroTech this morning after I sent a video yesterday of my slow gear changes. They suggested I pop it in to, essentially, have a DSG reset. I said that I was going to do this anyway with my OBD11, but as I struggled to find it.... and the fact they offered to do it, I took it there at around midday. The process took ~5 minutes and it is VERY different to how it behaved AFTER the Revo tune. I was told to drive it hard, and I did a few laps and went the longer way home and it is definitely better. *edit - forgot to actually give proper detail....sorry.....to confirm the difference is a lot better than it was post-tune and so I am much happier at the moment. Most of the gear changes were fairly standard and it wasn't doing any slow gear changes, none that concerned me anyway. Not quite what it was BEFORE my tune, but then again, I haven't covered that many miles today. The car hasn't moved since I returned home, so I've probably done about 20ish miles since the reset. I have a longish trip tomorrow and so I'm hoping that will help. They did say that it is constantly learning so I will see how it goes over the next week. If it doesn't get any better, and doesn't get close to what it was before the tune, then I shall have a refund for the tune, another DSG reset and leave it at that. I may then consider the TVS TCU and ECU tune at another time. I will update you all next week! Thanks for all your advice and guidance.
  3. Having a browse of the tinterweb this evening, there are numerous posts where people recommend or suggest doing the DSG reset once a year, or when a power/torque increase has been completed so that the gearbox can learn correctly. If I get up early enough tomorrow, I might give it a go with my OBD11, if not it can wait until next week.... but it sounds like that might be a solution.
  4. I have an OBD11 yes... I wouldn't know what I was looking for though... if you can point me in a direction? The garage said they have a stock VW map that they can apply, apparently.
  5. The guy at the garage did say if after a couple of weeks it was the same then he could apply the base DSG software?!? No idea what that will do, or whether it could cause issues long term. If he tries that and it is no better, then I think a refund is the way I would want to go. If it can be reverted would the DSG go back to what it was previously?
  6. Damn! That takes the whole stage 1 revo + TCU tune to £1300! 😞
  7. I'm not sure just yet. I'll have to see next time I take it out. I wasn't told that this would be the case, so this is a shite 😞 I guess it's something that some people just live with, but... the gearbox worked better before the stage 1!
  8. Interesting! I'm hoping they can come back with some sort of information, because the slower gear changes are crap and if anything I feel that they are putting more pressure on the clutch than they were before. Can I ask how much a TVS TCU tune is?
  9. Yeah I tried all of this earlier on. Went through the modes to see if the gear changes were any different. I have my individual mode to be setup to be in Race for Engine Sound so when I whack it into S mode, the valves open up fully and it's noisy, but by default it's in D for gearbox. I know that the setting isn't preserved, so I do always re-engage the Individual mode once I have switched off and switched back on the car.
  10. Even when changing gears myself in manual mode, they are slow, so it's more so about how long it takes to do the change, as opposed to when it changes. If I'm in 1st and take it to about 5k-rpm then change up I get a nice big burbly noise, not sure if it's a fart as such, but... I can also get farts when flooring it and changing gear. You don't get these on your GPF.... odd! Ah, I didn't know about the start stop! I don't mind that being on sometimes, although I do turn it off. That's good to know as I didn't find that was mentioned anywhere when reading up on the Revo.
  11. I got the Revo Stage 1 yesterday and it has certainly unleashed some power! It feels good and very torquey which is nice. I have, however, gone back to the dealer that I used because the DSG gear changes are.... slower than they were before I took the car in yesterday, and I've also noticed that it is now preserving my start-stop button setting, which it wasn't doing before. I'm waiting on a response from them, but when I spoke to them yesterday they said that the gearbox controller isn't touched by the revo update... When I am driving in in D, slowly, the gears seem a bit smoother, seem to change a bit earlier than they did before as well, but... when I put my foot down, it doesn't get much better. Also, as a result of the slow gear changes, I'm getting barely any DSG farts. I used to be able to take the revs to about 5k in manual mode, and then change and get a nice big fart/raspberry. I can't do that now 😞 It's annoyed me because it wasn't like this yesterday morning! AHHH!
  12. Oh absolutely. I only know about the gunked up filters because of the forum posts on here. I am going to get my stage 1 revo'd soon, and I was also going to ask them to do the service on the haldex. It'll probably be done again by VW when it gets serviced in September, but that's fine. I'd rather get it cleaned up before upping the power.
  13. Hello All, I've read numerous posts about how a dirty, gunked up haldex can affect how it responds etc... but I'm wondering whether or not there are any other symptoms? I've noticed in the last couple of weeks that when I put down the power that sometimes it feels a bit jolty, as if the back end is engaging and it feels a bit jerky. When I'm driving it normally it's smooth as normal, no issues with gearbox etc. I have so far put this down to the Haldex, but wanted to see if you guys had any thoughts or had experienced the same thing? The haldex hasn't been serviced since I bought the car (18 months ago) and it is now 2 years old (19 plate) so I am currently talking to a garage about getting that done. Thank you! Simon
  14. No egg sucking at all. This is the first car like this, with this calibre of performance, I've owned so it's good to hear what others do! I do let the car warm up to 85+ degrees before being more heavy footed, but never fully flat to the floor until it's mid-late 90s. I don't often spend the last few miles letting the car cool down, but if I have been very spirited, then I do try to 😄 Revving - nope, whilst I like to hear my car and it has certainly got louder over the last year... I'm 32 years old, so no heavy stationary revving for me! I have a service plan with VW, so it will get regular love. Haldex, DSG and filter swaps (whatever filters those are!?).... that can be given some love by QuattroTech I reckon. Launches isn't something I do often, and certainly don't do repeated ones. Gear changes.... I mostly drive it in manual mode to be honest, so manage the gears myself. It does probably result in increased number of gear changes, but I don't abuse the gearbox I don't think. I can't ride the clutch, as it's a DSG... 😄
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