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  1. Who says this is an issue? 😉 I keep on throwing the transmission into 'S' when coming out of corners or taking off from lights.. Pops and bangs galore.. I'm sure I'll get tired of them at some stage?? 🙉😀
  2. I turned the soundaktor off within a couple weeks. I wasn't a fan and car sounds better with it off. I am now at Stage 2 with DP and a res delete. Car is now LOUD (maybe too loud). I don't think I have drone as car is very quiet when on freeway etc.. Just when accelerating and overrun when the decibels pick up.
  3. Hi @J Peterman I have a Milltek downpipe scheduled to be coming my way soon. I am not sure what things will sound like once it is on the car so better hang on to the Resonator just in case it is a little too much to take long term. 🙂
  4. Ahh, ok, so I'm chasing my tail. The volume I have is the volume i'm keeping. It's not obnoxious, windows up and music on not very Lloyd and I still can't hear much, so I tend to drive with windows down and music low. I'm sure the novelty will wear off.. one day.. 😁
  5. I'm confused what these are? Mine definitely had a resonator (picture attached of box I removed from car) and has two mufflers. I'm not actually sure what the valves look like to take a picture of them. More research required
  6. Thanks @expor I'll give it a go. I went through the process of 'Long coding' them off. I went in yesterday and long coding is showing them as enabled but I ran a diagnostics check and it returned 2 errors saying 'Exhaust Door valve 1' = Open Circuit & 'Exhaust Dorr Valve 2' = Open Circuit.
  7. Link above didn't work properly so inserted link straight from YouTube (p.s. excuse my dirty pipes)
  8. Well, the RPM pipe arrived last week Friday. My son and I found a hoist on Saturday and put it on (we faffed about a bit and it took 30 minutes). Sound difference is day and night. Louder cold starts, DSG pops if you put your foot down are much 'crisper' (if that is a thing?). If in S every downshift there is a pop. Seems the Resonator was deleting potential pops. On the freeway, I don't notice any difference. I have coded my valves open (I am in a 2018 Gridline Wagon, some people say it has no valves but I'm sure they do). I tried to code them closed now (car is plenty loud now so thought I could turn volume down a little when required (i.e. starting up early in the morning and don't want to wake baby (not that I think it would).. I now don't seem to be able to code the valves and they are permanently open.. Grr.. More research required here. Below is a link to a clip I did of start before and after install. https://youtu.be/Ilq0aZ-3Wws
  9. Haven't looked at bolt on mods. Looks like they have a cheap Decat down pipe too. Airtec.. hmm, that or Milltek at the moment. Probably Milltek as it's a known brand. Anyone have any experience with Airtec?
  10. It's been made and is currently been couriered to me, due before Dec 2.. Now hanging out to see if there are any Down Pipes on special for Black Friday ðŸĪŦ
  11. There is a parts for sale section... Hmm, I need to get my posts up.. 🙂
  12. The grid wagon was such a great deal..
  13. Looks much better with the black rims. I need to now get the powder coated properly. The spray on wrap was a cheap solution to see if I liked the look.
  14. Yeah, I about there too.. just choosing a DP now. Probably go Milltek Decat to save money (no annual MOT here and I'm over 40 so cops not too interested in me ðŸĪŠ). About to hit the order button, will then give the wagon some stage 2 love for Christmas.. and then I'll be done ðŸ˜đ Although, some Springs would be good .. ðŸĪ”
  15. Thanks for the post. I am new to DSG driving, coming from a manual (love manual driving). I wanted to know the best way to drive the DSG to 1, look after the dsg and 2 to get best experience. No one seemed to have any sound advise (they are really good now, you will be fine).. Hmm, I know but, what is the best way to treat it. One thing that irks me is in traffic when slowing down it is not the smoothest of experiences, so if I am in a bit of stop start traffic, I will put car in manual and it automatically changes down, I feel the car comes to a smoother stop then. Your example of backing a semi, then going to overtake and get into a gap, the power is gone has happened to me a few times. I see a space, then accelerate into the gap and there is that 'pause' before power comes on.. It is not cool. I now always shift into 'S' mode before crossing busy roads or wanting to change lanes in a hurry. This seems to ensure I have power on tap.. Either that or go to manual mode and ensure I am in a gear at the right rpm where acceleration will be instantaneous. Then after I have changed lanes or crossed roads, I go back into 'D'.
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