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  1. Nice! Welcome to the club!
  2. Firman

    Hi All

    Hope you find the car to match your spec soon! I have had my white MK7.5 for just over a week now and have fallen completely in love with it. It looks like a Storm Troopers Helmet which is awesome! as someone above said find one with DCC as it is a quality bit of kit
  3. Was considering just calling mine the Stormtrooper for obvious reasons
  4. Strangely was considering a run up there in the coming week as I’m off. Never been and always fancied it, probably fit in a bit better now 😂
  5. It’s super easy nowadays, I put my plate on retention off the Range Rover on the Wednesday, paid the £80 fee and by Saturday the V5 and retention certificate had arrived. new car delivered Monday, V5 arrived on Thursday and by 7pm the plate was in the new car and no admin fee from my insurers. when you purchase your plate the first time the first £80 transfer fee is usually included (keep your old plates as when you retain the plate your car usually goes back to its original reg no) as someone has already said it can all be done online now but strangely only between 8am and 7
  6. We did use the badgeskins as inspiration. The badgeskins ones do look really good but it’s tough to justify $50 for 2 stickers
  7. So set my wife the task of making some lookalike stickers to cover the airbag info stickers on the passenger sun visor, safe to say I think she nailed it and a little cheaper than $50 dollars a pair. What do you guys think?
  8. So car delivered Monday and I can safely say I am hooked already. V5 turned up yesterday so got my plate o to it today too. Next plans will be to wash and wax it this weekend as it is filthy already 😂, got the wife making me a set of moody badgeskins homage stickers for the airbag labels on the visor then it will likely be a trip to Jabba Sport as I have been given the nod by a mate who races with those boys about a remap Insert gratuitous image with private plate on
  9. Just done a bit of Googling. Looks pretty interesting I must say. Do they deliver what they say?
  10. Hi all, so I have today bitten the bullet and picked up a MK7.5 R Bit of a change from the current Range Rover Sport but haven’t been this excited about a new car for a long time! look forward to sharing experiences on the forum
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