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  1. Haven't heard anything, still no VIN, no info about arrival (considering week 23 is ongoing atm). Seein all the posts here lately I fear the confirmed delivery might be for week 22 2023 😱. Gotta call tomorrow, if so I need to cancel immediately. I'm without a car for far too long now...
  2. Golfs and Tiguans are for sure being built this month. Did he maybe mean specifically for your market? Or for this dealership? And please someone correct me if I'm wrong - unless this dealer is a subsidiary of the same company than the one where you ordered from - they can't know if yours is being built or not. They shouldn't have permissions to look into that. At least that was my understanding when I was ordering my Golf R - he looked into the system if any are ordered to be "on stock" at their other subsidiaries, but it was a negative. 1 - 3 months later seve
  3. Checked with the dealer again yesterday, their system still says confirmed build and week 22/23 for delivery. No VIN so far, so I'm expecting a delay considering we're in week 19 now...
  4. How long does the building usually take? At what point should the VIN be known? As soon as it goes into production?
  5. Does this actually happen? I'd be very upset if they build it without HK or HUD...
  6. Found some good news as well (maybe connected to @AHG's LinkedIn post): https://www.news38.de/wolfsburg/VW/article235180309/VW-Stammwerk-Wolfsburg-Mitarbeiter-Kurzarbeit.html In short translation: with 2nd May the Golf production line is getting rid of shorter work hours for workers. Looks like they'll be ramping up production back to normal, no idea what this means for how many shifts are working on the lines - probably more since all workers are full time again? Touran lines follow that with the 6th, Tarraco with 9th and Tiguan with the 16th.
  7. By default the dealership installs frames like this, so the holes are there: On the bottom half of it (see the thicker black lip) it usually also has "CAR DEALERSHIP XYZ, CITY, POSTAL CODE" or some ad. The holder I bought minimizes the black frame to just 2 "clips" on each side. I also checked the law for my country, and as I interpret it, deforming the license plate in any way (e.g. drilling holes for the screws) is punishable with a 500€ fine. However I couldn't find anything against glueing the license plate on, so there's that...
  8. I've ordered the following license plate holders for my upcoming R. THIS is a gallery how it looks. I really dislike the usual dealership holders. Have to say "no thanks" to that ugly thick black frame with an ad for their dealership. A lot of people here tend to glue the license plate to the car, which apparently isn't legal in my country. I only hope that the license plate doesn't slide out in a fast corner.
  9. 6th July 2021 - well that was when they processed it and sent me the confirmation per Mail with the commission number etc.
  10. After getting a generic mail from Volkswagen stating the orders are gonna be delayed for 4-8 weeks and a lot of talk here about some being pushed to BW40+, I've decided to go to my dealer in my lunch break now. Turns out I have a confirmed build with delivery to the dealer in week 22/23. I've explicitly asked 2-3 times if it's really confirmed or just a planned date, and he showed me in the system it states "Confirmed build", but in my language. They also said it can be pushed back - but on a confirmed build, how bad can it be? Anyway for now I can sleep
  11. That's depressing. I'll have to call up my dealer tomorrow, if that's the case then I'll look into cancelling the order.
  12. I got some news roughly 1-2 weeks ago with bw26. Of course unconfirmed. That's roughly when I ordered it last year. I'm not really optimistic about it. What's worse is, I'm stuck with a car that enjoys frequent visits to the workshop, but to be fair it's a 20 years old Mercedes SLK, so things are bound to fail at that age.
  13. Ah that makes sense, the commission number and the vehicleID look a bit different but share the same suffix. To me it looked like it's an composite ID of an internal + comm nr. I find it weird that they decided to remove the tracking feature. I remember a friend several years ago being able to track his Golf production.
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