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  1. 1000 miles on my car today and got the first scratch Front lower bumper/swoopy splitter scratched about an inch long and unfortunately through to below the paint. Any help gratefully received.
  2. I understand your point exactly. But wait it out. It will be worth it when it arrives.
  3. Brilliant, many thanks - will check that out.
  4. Apologies if in the wrong place, but I'm looking to add a dashcam to the car. Front and rear ideally. Any recommendations for manufacturers would be welcome., thanks.
  5. Like any new "parent" of an 8R I have been concerned about security, so it has given me an excuse to upgrade all the locks in the house and on the garage door. Been meaning to do that for a while anyway to change the standard Eurocylinders, to anti-snap and suggest you all do too. I'm not a locksmith, so not looking for any jobs out of this - but I am historically sh1t at DIY so being able to change locks has made me feel like Fred Dibnah. I might try hanging a picture next...
  6. My car delivered last week is running on the Hankooks. I'm not finding them bad at all and I'm a tyre snob
  7. Ah, thanks good to know. Yes, I think it was just a OTA.
  8. I saw an update notification just as I arrived home this evening so will check it out tomorrow,
  9. The Hankooks. I'm a bit of a tyre guy but I have to say, I am not minding them at all so far.
  10. My car delivered on Friday is running: Device part number 5H0035820H Hardware H58 Software 1890 Display unit/ control panel hardware H47 Display unit/ control panel software 2101 Navigation database 21.2 Presume an update is on the horizon.
  11. Picked up the car this morning. Very impressed. Had a bit of a play with the modes earlier on a general drive on various types of roads. Loving it. Well worth the wait!
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