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  1. Tryed everything but 2 of them always look rubbish Dint mind paying like a few hundred to replace
  2. Cheers don't think they would suit me then
  3. So no more sound interfering noise than stock mate
  4. Yes the estate are fixed to the diffuser instead of the actual exhaust mate
  5. Has anyone replaced the tailpipes on the mk7 golf r estate Just can't get 2 of them clean and shiny Surely you can buy 2 new ones from vw or after market Cherrs
  6. Did you stick it just via the provided tape mate Does look nice on your car mate
  7. Has anyone fitted a rear boot spoiler black lip type Can see maxton ones but to big I'm only after a small lip spoiler Any pics and where from please
  8. Thanks for the reply your car has valves so should not resonate the trouble with the mk7 it’s got no valves so can get unwanted noise
  9. Has anyone fitted one to a mk7 golf r estate stock system just wanting aliitle more noise without droning cheers
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