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Found 5 results

  1. Burger Tuning is a US based company that specializes in advanced plug and play units. The company was formed in 2008 and has predominantly focused on the BMW market where we have had great success. Our units power the strongest OEM turbo BMW's and hold records across all the models. More can be viewed at our website www.burgertuning.com. We would like to introduce VWROC users to our latest offering and entry into the VAG Group market which we entered a year ago after two years of extensive development and testing. The Burger Tuning JB1 is a plug and play solution offering simple at home tuning without requiring ECU access to achieve power goals. These units are now available and a ready for order at http://burgertuning.com/vw_volkswagen_Group1_JB1_tuner.html with a retail price of $379 plus $35 for the optional data cable. The JB1 is a true plug and play tune offering safe and adjustable gains. It can be installed and removed in minutes. The unit ships with a base setting in map 1 that increases the boost by +4.8psi over stock that is safe to be used with 95RON and up. The typical power gains on the setting are 55hp and 70ft lb. With higher octane accompanied with bolt ons and octane we have seen gains of 85hp and 90ft lb in Map 1. All of this whilst keeping the engines stock fail safes in place. Install instructions: Install instructions can be found here: http://burgertuning.com/instructions/S1_VAG_EA888_G3.pdf User interface software: For users that have opted to purchase the optional BMS Data Cable you will need to download and install the Windows user interface at this link http://www.n54tech.com/flash_files/jb4_interface.zip For MAC there is a 3rd party interface that seems to be working well on the JB, it can be downloaded at the bottom of post 1 of this thread http://www.n54tech.com/forums/showthread.php?t=21742 Directions on how to connect and change firmware: Directions on installing the interface and connecting to your JB can be found here http://www.n54tech.com/forums/showpost.php?p=197021&postcount=1 Firmware is what runs the JB1 unit. As we release updates or new firmware versions this can be uploaded to your unit free of charge. A tutorial for software installation as well as map changing and settings can be viewed here: http://youtu.be/MjQjMWBVve4 Map selection: In order to change the map in the picture below under the logging tab you can pick the required map. Under status the unit must show connected. This is done by clicking file and selecting connect. Upon shipping the following maps are active: Map 0: Stock with complete pass through i.e. the JB1 does nothing Map 1: Optimized tuned map, this supports 91 octane at the base boost setting as well as bolt ons. Map 3: Map three allows the JB1 to be the methanol controller working as a fail safe cutting boost if lack of meth flow is detected. You will require a Coolingmist FSB to get this working. Map 6: User adjustable boost profile (see below) Active on units that ship 30.09.2015 and after. If you have previously purchased your unit before reading this please email me [email protected] to receive a copy of the firmware. This map comes preset with low torque settings that are suitable for manual cars. Map 1 Boost settings: Below is a diagram of where the user adjustment is made for boost over stock circled in blue. Add in the value and click save. Map 6 boost setting: For map 6 you will need to connect to the unit and select map 6. If you have previously purchased your unit before reading this please email me [email protected] to receive a copy of the firmware. On units that ship from 30.09.2015 there is no need. If your unit has a exposed blue wire you will need to email. Below is where you enter the values for map 6 circled in orange. It works similar to map 1 so the value is the additional boost over stock. The unit can log boost the elevated boost on the two sensors, ECU boost as well as the rail pressure. The balance of the engine parameters and settings in the picture are exclusive to the yet to be released JB4 but it gives you a idea of what is to come. Users with boost gauges that are working off the OBD signal will only see stock boost. If you suspect you triggered a engine light by unplugging a sensor by not waiting for the car to go into sleep mode rather clear faults before a dealer visit. This thread can be used for support queries but its best to email me [email protected] and include model, fuel used and hardware on the car. Burger Tuning is a community based company so feel free to ask any questions you have on this thread as it will assist others too.
  2. Evening folks, 2019 Golf R 7.5 opf Got the jb1 installed this afternoon. Once car was jacked and undertray removed all fitted in 10 mins with the only fiddly bit being the cam sensor (i think) total swine to get to. Car started first time with no error codes thrown. Idles same as std and all sounded good. Went for first little drive - about 5 miles and felt a bit underwhelmed. Got out switched off car for minute or so while went to shop. Got back it and drove 30 through town to the bypass. WOT on slip ramp in second and boom! No not the turbo going!! A good lump of extra torques was felt as car pulled hard through gears to about fast ish. Top end of rev range is much improved too. I feel the car now has the mid range punch it was badly missing. Tried a launch and could feel the car pulling power. Maybe a dsg tune would help with that.... more testing required my end. When manually launching the car the first gear pull is grin worthy!. The R will be getting fully stage 2 mapped eventually but for £145 for the jb1 im very impressed.
  3. Hi guys , im new to the forum. I have a mk7 golf r and i am currently running a jb4 with a resonator delete, vwr600 intake , silicone hose and turbo inlet elbow from racingline. I would like to get a downpipe next ,but im not sure as to which would be the best for not throwing any cel lights up. Do you need a sports cat such as the bcs 200cell cat or can you just purchase a a downpipe without the cat. Cheers for any help in advance.
  4. I see that Burger Motorsport have released their JB1 tuning box for the Golf R/S3 now. Comes in at around £300 delivered to the UK with the USB cable. Thoughts on this? JB4 box is due to be released in the future too. http://burgertuning.com/jb_vw_stage_1_tuner.html
  5. Morning All, so my JB1 is on order, hopefully it should be here this week. My question is for a car running stock, what are the best settings for optimum acceleration. I've read online Map 1 set to 5.2 should be doable running Shell V Power which I think is rated at 99RON. Would Map 6 be preferred if there are any modifications (which there aren't). Any help greatly appreciated, can't wait to get it on now!
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