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  1. Yes, no need at all. Most of the cars life it will run stock.
  2. The mapping is three dimensional unlike typically piggy backs that have a boost trigger at a certain psi point that adds all the boost that is set for that specific rpm. We look at the pedal position as well as a form of driver demand and start adding extra gradually from 30% and higher. When cruising the JB4 will be inactive.
  3. It is the same but smoother power delivery so might feel faster.
  4. We havent added oil to the readouts. The water is correct but its in Fahrenheit hence it being higher. For guys following this the JB4 is inactive when temp is lower than 170F as a safety feature.
  5. Once connected go to Settings on the app then User Adjustment. If you scroll down you will find firmware version.
  6. For 7 speed use map 4. For 6 speed use map 3. Breakdown of maps in post 1 here: https://www.n54tech.com/forums/showthread.php?t=50428
  7. The lights are due to the battery being disconnected. The ECU will reset the modules as its does safety checks once it starts moving. Same would apply without JB4 or if your battery was running low. The Jb4 has water temperature safety so if it was under 170F it disables the JB4 so that might have been at play and the car warmed up as you got to test map 5. For 98ron and higher map 3 for manual and map 4 for DSG assuming its got the 60/85//5 firmware loaded.
  8. You can use the below instructions to remove the grey cover and it will work fine.
  9. I had seen USP Motorsport has a O2 Sensor extender cable that will work. Not sure if you can find something like that local.https://www.uspmotorsports.com/Secondary-Oxygen-Sensor-Extension-Harness.html
  10. Yes, email me at [email protected] and include proof of purchase and we can start working on the best map for the car.
  11. Only on units purchased new from us or a dealer. If you load the new firmware from here and want a ready map with the fuel in the UK there is map 3 now that is more aggressive too. We use this as the base map for starting a map 6. https://www.n54tech.com/forums/showthread.php?t=50428
  12. Hi, Go to the User Adjustment section. You will find Future use D or Options on newer versions. Click that and turn bit 6 on and it should resolve it. This happens when the car has something that powers down or on whilst lock. Typically happens if there is Cameras or some tracking devices. Thanks, George
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