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  1. Its a unknown unless the car is logged. Map 3 is relatively aggressive and gives 6psi over stock.
  2. On some cars it can measure but it is not highly accurate as it works based on speed signal at the OBD which tends to lag quite a bit. For super accurate numbers a Dragy GPS unit is recommended.
  3. The JB4 receives all that engine data via the OBD cable. Also if its giving Invalid when you read faults it shows there is a communication issue of some kind from JB4 to OBD port. When the JB4 gets no OBD signal it will work but default to stock map. Take some pictures of the ends of the OBD cable and email them to [email protected] We specifically looking at the female pins to see if there is a contact issue of some kind. Also worth double checking if its orientated correctly using the below as a picture guide.
  4. Hi, The only thing I can imagine is a issue with the OBD cable. Does it exit from behind the battery or pedals (from pedals it eventually melts)? If it does it again unplug OBD and see what it does. Also some users are loading the Gen3B firmware in error and this might be the cause.
  5. When going full throttle does it feel good and this only happens on light throttle? Doubt its related to the DV. Can you continue communication via email at [email protected] which will be far more efficient.
  6. Do you get the fault in map 1 or 2? Can you check that please.
  7. Not sure if they mean peak boost at high rpm but usually that is the point the turbo is out of its efficiency range. Peak low down can go quite a bit higher than that.
  8. We battling to get our data base sorted with the app stores so decided to release the translations. The list is live so any new faults will be added to this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1C7J2E4Zqob8Zi27EVRs6WiY78n554eLa/view?fbclid=IwAR3VThK0vwQpyGjxPNw0dAYRivbJVgyxaz3s5zM_gF1cKRi2dUm7PLlHzoQ
  9. Those are quite conservative. If map 4 was to be plotted it will look like this. 1500 0 2000 2 2500 3 3000 3 3500 3.5 4000 4.5 4500 5.5 5000 6 5500 6 6000 4 6500 2 7000 2
  10. Based on customer results map 1 is 350 and 350ft lb. Map 4 is usually 360-370hp and 360-370ft lb.
  11. No issues on map 1 with any fuel from 95ron or higher. Its the base map intended for plug and plug users.
  12. Yes, you can grab it here: https://www.n54tech.com/forums/showpost.php?p=197021&postcount=1
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