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  1. Map 1 and 2 are confirmed to work just fine.
  2. OEM as well. We sent out a small batch with after market and users where managing to break the clips so have updated since.
  3. I think he meant more the idea of them. After testing on various models I am sure Terry has now changed his mind as there are benefits on quite a few models. I run it on our Polo GTI and its a must for that model where as on our RS3 its less needed.
  4. Sorry for the delays the forum notifications seemed to turned off. Most likely the mapping on them is very similar so go with the company you comfortable with and offers good value.
  5. As mentioned it needs a Pedal tuner to sort that throttle dead spot. We just released a decently priced unit here: http://www.burgertuning.com/BMS_PEDAL_TUNER No adaption is needed between the tuned maps. You can map switch when on the move.
  6. Pedal tuners now in stock. You can select the VW model from the link below. Eliminate pedal lag with 3 tuned modes and six sensitivity adjustments within each mode. Works on stock cars, flashed and piggy back fitted. [URL="http://www.burgertuning.com/BMS_PEDAL_TUNER"]http://www.burgertuning.com/BMS_PEDAL_TUNER[/URL] Watch this video in order to know how to do the calibration. https://youtu.be/2bdfTiX6ctI
  7. We don't not offer support. We don't offer custom mapping. With thousands of units out and soon to be 5 digit numbers its impossible to do custom mapping each time the JB4 changes hands considering we not getting a second fee or anything.
  8. Firmware update 5/10/2018 We have put up a new firmware version that you can get here with direction on how to load: https://www.n54tech.com/forums/showthread.php?t=50428 The firmware will appear as 60/7//5 Changes are as follows: 1) Part throttle changes for smoother power delivery 2) Map 4 is now a valet map reducing boost by approximately 50% of stock 3) Map 0 is stock map with JB4 logging ability 4) Webasto and other auto warm systems triggering alarm whilst car is locked resolved. This will also work for guys that have issues with dashcams left on over night that trigger the alarm.
  9. Water has always been there. We keep what the JB4 logs at a minimum so we can keep the resolution high enough. Reason for water temp is the JB4 uses the water temp as a safety so under 170F it is inactive. Quite often we see cars on the dyno run cold and the power isn't great or it starts gaining only later in the run so this is good to keep in mind for users.
  10. Hi, When this happens do you notice if the traction light is flashing? Also does it do it in map 1? Try set max boost 2nd value to 4 and see if it persists. What this does is cap the boost in second gear to 4psi over stock. Theoretically though you shouldn't be having this issue unless its the traction control intervening causing the shift hesitation.
  11. From the time the MK7 has been released nothing has changed in terms of detection. Local to me (South Africa) all trade ins get scanned since last year September on both Audi and VW so if something was up it would most likely trigger a tsunami of online references.
  12. In terms of power gains on the road they pretty similar even though in a dyno condition the downpipe will show more power. On the road the cooler keeps IAT lower allowing for more timing. In UK weather though the cooler is less beneficial since 30C plus is a heat wave so I reckon downpipe first. In terms of boost increase the dp allows for less strain on the turbo so you can couple it with more boost. In terms of physics you already boosting more when you fit a downpipe. Boost is a measurement of restriction through the motor. Since the ECU does not know that the efficiency of the engine has improved it still targets same calculated torque (read boost) so in essence you push more air through the motor.
  13. Map 3 is slightly more aggressive than map 2. Its a absolute map that targets 22-23 in the midrange and holds around 19 at redline. Map 5 targets 26 and holds 21. There are no extra features and are mostly for guys that haven't figured out a map 6. Any version after the original 60/1/5 that the JB4 was released with has always had these maps.
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