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  1. Hi, Go to the User Adjustment section. You will find Future use D or Options on newer versions. Click that and turn bit 6 on and it should resolve it. This happens when the car has something that powers down or on whilst lock. Typically happens if there is Cameras or some tracking devices. Thanks, George
  2. Are you using a OTG Cable? Maybe something got wet? Drop [email protected] a email and they can assist faster.
  3. you need to be connected. Remember the app is just a window to see stored settings on JB4.
  4. Hi, Just these settings. Once on and saved select map 6. You can run some logs and email them over and see if there is a bit more room.
  5. For 7 speed cars we are running the below map 6 which eliminates the issue. Replace the large absolute values with these additive based values. JB4 recognizes the change automatically. These are psi over stock and the map is suitable for 98ron and up. 1500 0 2000 2 2500 3 3000 3 3500 3.5 4000 4.5 4500 5.5 5000 6 5500 6 6000 4 6500 2 7000 2 We currently working on a way for the JB4 to recognize the LC. When rpm is high and speed is 0 it will automatically default to these settings. Its a challenge though but is something we working on. The GPF cars don't seem to be a issues tuning wise and they run well.
  6. There is currently a fault reading issue with the app so they are meaningless. You can update using the below and let me know at [email protected] what faults you see. It will be letters and numbers with the update. The next formal app update will have full translations. Android: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.dmacpro91.jb4_mobile iOS: https://testflight.apple.com/join/IwYDcC0l
  7. It relative with how the system works and what the ECU does. Its hard to do emissions changes with the JB4.
  8. The PM4 allows for changes to the low fuel pressure pump providing more fuel supply to the high pressure fuel pump. The issue with large turbo and JB4 is we do not have direct injector control and the range we can alter fueling is limited to the stock turbo power.
  9. Hi George, I write here because with my profile i can't send PM's. The JB4 that's sells in JB4 UK shop it's compatible with Golf R european models ? I'm from Spain.


    1. george@BMS

      [email protected]

      Hi, yes its compatible to all Golf R models including the facelift and the new emissions WLTP models.






  10. I don't think that its sensible to think that you can buy a used product and receive a custom service on it for the lifetime the product was functional and can most likely change hands four to five times.
  11. Because they thousands and not hundreds and we wont be able to keep up. This will be a disservice to users that purchase new as turn around time will be far longer.
  12. If you bought a new unit we will do it together with you and its not hard at all. Just some street logs are needed.
  13. Not sure if anyone has tested it. The FIS goes on another section of the CANBUS so theoretically it shouldn't affect the JB4 but its a unknown. Map 6 can be set more aggressively than map 1 relative to the octane you use which is 4psi over stock.
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