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Coding indicators so they flash alternate?

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Hi, I've posted about this before but just wondered if this is the proper way to code the Golf R indicators in so the flash like on a pace/safety car because i have tried and its not worked for some reason. Am i missing something out? 
Its a December 64 plate

09 Cent Electrics
security access 31347
10 Adaption
(4) -Leuchte16BLK SLB35BLK SL KC9-Lichtfunktion A16
When I've clicked on channel it says 
ERROR: Channel Not Available
Has anybody else had this?

Many Thanks 




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Doesnt look right as you need to code both side, I did one wrong when I first did it so I had the left inside flashing with the right side lol


Think this is what you need ...

Select -> 9 Central Electronik -> Security Access -> 31347
Adaptation -> Channel: (4) Leuchte16BLK SLB35BLK SL KC9-Lichtfunktion A16: Set = Blinken lins Dunkelphase. (Default:Blinken Links Hellphase)
Adaptation -> Channel: (4) Leuchte17TFL R BLK SRB3TFL R BLK SR KC3-Lichtfunktion A17: Set = Blinken rechts Dunkelphase. (Default: Blinken rechts Hellphase)


Always take note of what your settings are before you change them so you can revert back

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