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  1. I had precisely the same issue and, following the guidance highlighted above, popped the jet housings off in seconds and then put a little distilled vinegar on the face of the jets (not forgetting to protect the heated washer jet connection with some clingfilm). A couple of minutes of single CO2 bubbles forming and then dying away and bingo: from dribbly jets to full on power jets! It was definitely a scale issue for mine.
  2. Not a reason not to, of course, but don't forget that the 25% discount will be have to be slightly offset by virtue of the £310 additional road tax for £40k+ list price cars (which the BMW 335d and 340 will definitely be, even without options) i.e. just under £1k extra over three years (unless you go mad on the options for the Golf R!).
  3. Had this last week. Checked the expansion tank and the level was only just below minimum level. Released the cap, intending to top up just a little, only to find that with the pressure released the level rose straight back to maximum! Not sure why, perhaps a one off. But all's fine now!
  4. I have a VW Finance leased Golf R Estate coming up to 12 months old, mileage a little over 10000. The Inspection service light has come on and the vehicle status is now showing as: Inspection in 9900 miles or 21 days Oil change service in 3500 miles or 189 days It's on 'Q16' flexible servicing. I'd much prefer not to have to take the car in for servicing twice in the space of just a few months, i.e. in around 21 days (Inspection) and then again once I've done another 3500 miles (Oil). And it would be a bonus if I don't have to have more than one service within the 2 year lease period (but will obviously get done whatever has to be done). Contacting the supplying dealer in one town has given me different advice from the servicing department of the same company but different, more local dealer: the former says bring it in and we can re-set the Inspection light (without having the Inspection service done) and then wait for the Oil Change Service to come around - the latter says they can't re-set the Inspection light without doing an Inspection service and I need to get that done. What are the options? I can only come up with: 1) Have them both done separately at around £88 (Inspection) and then £200 (Oil), just a few months apart. 2) Get the Inspection light re-set, as suggested, and wait for the Oil Service only. 3) Get it booked in now for both, i.e. inspection with an oil change so as to avoid going in twice but presumably paying for both at £288.
  5. I had a Mk2 RS for 4 years and have now had an R Estate for 1. I agree with much of the above. Handling close but I found the RS a little better at 80-90% effort. The counter to that stiff suspension on the RS is that the R is so much better in normal driving conditions, i.e. most of the time. In gear they're pretty close. Until you change gear! And then there is no doubt that the DSG makes the R a good deal quicker. And with four wheel drive it's obviously quicker off the line. The RS seats were brilliant but not height adjustable. The rest of the interior is hands down in favour of the R. I loved the look of the RS and got loads of mostly thumbs up attention but then it was new and, at the time, the current model. If I had to park on the street or in public car parks I'd be very nervous about the RS. Most of my journeys are commuting, so got around 29mpg in the RS and averaging around 30 in the R. The RS had fantastic residuals. From new I lost less than 7k in four years! Summary: unless you want an occasional blaster that has a good 'feel factor' - but which is ultimately slower - and off street, ideally garage parking, I'd go with the R. It's unquestionably a better all rounder but then I suspect you already know that!
  6. Think you'll find it's double Creative Writing.
  7. zippy

    R Estate

    The OEM VW liner is £70 but this one is a little cheaper, at £51.95 (+ P&P): http://www.roofbox.co.uk/scripts/rbvehsel4_tab.php/boot-liners-mats/carbox_ls_vw_golf_vii_estate_13_on_jv20_1779/Qx%40w%2C6M41V_VndbVhpeetSUTPXkK%7EpwvAoWnUSqdr%40%7E4aj5RGyCgO.6dPlZ%60fOtooa3LChtNY_RSGrGle
  8. Mines a lease car, so not sure when the dealer actually ordered it. I signed up at the beginning of July...
  9. That's a tricky one. Is it possible to undo the screw a little and try to 'tuck' the split countersunk part back under the screw head? I know that won't solve it entirely but it might make it just a little less obvious. I suspect that if a freshly painted, entirely new side skirt isn't perfectly colour matched it's likely to be more obvious than the existing damage...
  10. Just checked the tracker for the umpteenth time and I've moved to stage 5 - in transit! B/w originally 11/7, moved to 15/8 (wk33) but now on route! I'm hopeful it's accurate as my dealer had contacted the factory and confirmed it was actually being built last week. I won't count chickens just yet but I might just be seeing some light at the end of that long tunnel!
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