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  1. We have what seem like crater-sized potholes here in metro-Atlanta, and I've hit my share of them. Wheels on typical Yank tanks and pickups shrug them off, but neither the MK7.5 R Prets nor the previous MK7 Cadiz hold up well. I've had to replace a couple but managed to successfully repair others. Have a reputable wheel shop check yours out.
  2. This can be a polarizing topic. Some of my friends are good with it, others think it's a dumb idea or worse. My collector car friend Thyroid Motors (he has an affinity for old Yank tanks, the larger the better) rather predictably named one of his Lincolns "Abraham". Another friend once bought a '54 Plymouth sedan which looks like the sort of car Porky Pig would drive. For some long-forgotten reason we dubbed it "Pickles" and it wasn't even green.
  3. This topic is inspired by Bec calling her new MK8 R Snoopy. Do others on this forum name their rides? For better or worse I take after my father who over the years named most of his cars. I do if I think of an appropriate name. My MK7.5 R is Nick after Jack Nicklaus, a famous golf-R (got the idea from someone on this forum whom I'd gladly credit - or disgrace - if I remembered who ). On a similar vein, the Boxster S is Max for Max Schmerling, German heavyweight boxing champion of the world in the early '30s. The RAM pickup is Rama Lama Ding Dong, the singer's girlfriend in a late '50s ro
  4. Maybe I'll start a new topic under General Chat when time permits.
  5. My MK7 R clutch was healthy at circa 37K miles when I traded the car for a MK7.5, which is doing fine as it approaches 20K miles. Both cars are stock, and I've never been hard on clutches. Apparently they don't survive if you tune for more power. If mine ever goes, I'll replace it with something stronger.
  6. Snoopy's a good name for a new car, Bec. Wasn't there a thread about nicknames for cars? Some shared their ride's names, others didn't think much of the idea. I did a quick search but didn't find it. My father always named his cars. I do the same but only if I come up with something appealing.
  7. Good thing we can't introduce him to my little ex-escapee Blossom. It might turn into a Bonnie and Clyde encounter. His play antics look like Corliss and Pegeen, who are lots of fun. I'll bet he going to be a wonderful companion.
  8. My Lapiz 7.5 R has black Prets from the factory (can't seem to find a photo). Wasn't certain about them at first but turns out they look both menacing yet understated when clean and shiny. That said, given the choice I'd go for gunmetal every time.
  9. Always a good idea to become acquainted with your new pet before committing to a name, but no harm in developing a prospective list. I did an Internet search of famous one-eyed celebrities, but not sure any of the names are suitable. Didn't know they were partially sightless: James Joyce, Peter Falk, Rex Harrison, Edgar Degas, Sammy Davis Jr (I knew about him - he nearly died in a '50s car accident). Perhaps the best is Thom Yorke of Radiohead (Thom cat?). If these are non-contenders, either Nelson or Rocket are fine choices, or something may come to mind after you complete the adoption.
  10. Bec, I'm sure you know how satisfying it is to adopt an animal in need. He's a lucky boy! A couple of weeks ago Blossom, the mama cat, managed to claw her way through a screened porch door while I was at work. She disappeared for several days. Turns out she remained close to home, but once spotted it took a couple of days to coax her back inside. The door is now barricaded pending a more secure solution. Fortunately her offspring (The Girls) remained in the house. Blossom was once feral. Apparently she hasn't gotten it out of her system, although I'm still on her "approved" list. She
  11. Thoughtful sorting of priorities, as Camel is doing, will lead to the best choice for your particular preferences. In some ways this is the most enjoyable part of shopping for a new vehicle, although it can be frustrating. When spec-ing a new pickup last year I was torn between wanting another honking V-8 (primarily a Yank thing though shared by some enthusiasts world-wide) and liking diesels, which would mean V-6 in my truck's weight range. Happy with the diesel decision, by the way.
  12. Really appreciate your insightful comments, Bec. When I traded my well-loved MK6 R for a MK7, I felt I got a significantly better car for the money. The trade for the MK7.5 was unexpected (my dealer made me an offer that on balance I'm glad I didn't refuse) but worthwhile, if only for the six-year full warranty VW was promoting at the time (they dropped it the end of the model-year). I'm intrigued by the MK8 R's advances and certainly will check them out when they're released Stateside as 2022 models later this year. Of course if I buy, I lose the current six-year warranty. The decision
  13. Maybe speed limits are taken less seriously here in the States or at least in metro Atlanta where I live. A handful seem to be set artificially low, plus we aren't burdened with speed cameras, but many seem appropriate for the mediocre skills of the average American driver. Regardless, a significant number of drivers completely ignore speed limits. During my familiar, routine pre-sunrise morning commute with moderate, not-yet-rush-hour traffic, I usually drive in the 70s, sometimes higher, on a 65-mph freeway and, while not exactly a rolling roadblock, get passed by a surprising number of
  14. You ask an excellent question but the comment above suggests you're most likely to be satisfied with a well-maintained and documented car regardless of spec. If you have strong preferences about color, manual-vs-DSG, leather-vs-cloth, etc., keep those in mind. Whether or not the car has DCC (I've had it both ways), or other options you don't feel strongly about, won't leave you with pangs of regret. Buying a car with issues will.
  15. Good to hear from someone reaping the benefits of good maintenance. Keep it up and you'll enjoy your ride for many miles to come.
  16. Glad you're out exercising your new baby. At the risk of offending most of the forum, is there a way to shut off Akra's pops and bangs without compromising enthusiastic driving? You may not have checked this out yet, but does it drone at steady highway speeds?
  17. Bec, you may recall a number of animated past discussions regarding the most effective approach to running in a new engine. Instructions in my 7.5 owners manual are broadly similar to those for the 8. I generally followed them, especially regarding a cold engine. As things warmed up I gradually increased the number and duration of mid-range speed variations while avoiding full-throttle/rpm, and currently enjoy a free-running motor that uses no oil between changes. There's a contingent that believes a hard run-in from the get-go is beneficial in promoting more power while causing no harm.
  18. Bec, still haven't gone through all the comments, so apologies if you've answered this, How are you managing the break-in period? Does VW provide advice in the owner's manual? If so, are you following it? I'm sure you'll wait for things to be thoroughly warmed up before giving it the stick. How about brakes and tires? What brand is the factory using?
  19. Thanks for the video, Andy. As you know, VW prices the R more keenly in the States than in the UK and still doesn't shift many over here. My manual 7.5 was just over $40K; DSG would have been about $2K extra. The GTI at around $30K is considered a much better deal and sells in far greater numbers. The video estimate of $46K for the MK8 R sounds like what one might expect. I long ago lost the battle against standard leather and am no fan of sunroofs. The Akrapovic exhaust might be a deal-breaker if VW makes it standard. I'd have to swallow hard to accept a $3K upcharge for something that
  20. How did I manage to miss this post for over a month?! Congratulations, Bec, and welcome to the Lapiz Side. I never thought you'd sway from black but think you won't regret the decision. I haven't caught up with all the comments but am eager to learn what's going on with the blue highlights in the leather seats. When the MK8 R is introduced Stateside as a 2022 model later this year, 6-speed manual will be available. The VW gods are smiling favorably on me. It's tempting, depending on how they're priced. VW marketed the 7.5 fully equipped, which means the 8 will likely have leather stand
  21. My MK7 R had 18" Cadiz. I was fine with their appearance, although the 19" Prets on the 7.5 give the car a more purposeful look, especially in black.
  22. Hey, I resemble that remark! It took a while to get used to my black Prets. I'm fine with them now but still prefer silver. To my eye (ETTO and all that) the red accents are a curious combination of gaudy and clever. On a descriptive word scale, they fall more towards "tasteless" than "offensive".
  23. In the States WeatherTech offers water repellent, machine washable seat covers with slits allowing belts to pass through to retain dogs. I think they hook over the headrests, so they're easy to install and remove. There's a size that fits Golf Rs. WeatherTech products in general are of good quality. Don't know if they market in the UK. If not, you can check whether they ship overseas, or maybe there's a comparable vendor on your side of the Pond.
  24. Pete the Luddite checking in. I still prefer the old-fashioned ratchet handbrake such as in my MK6 R. The only advantage of the electronic brake is that it can be set to come on and release automatically. I particularly like this feature in my RAM pickup because it means the transmission is never holding the vehicle, always the parking brake. As for auto-hold, the MK6 R had a hydraulic version (as did my Subaru Outback). I vaguely regarded it as "cheating" but used it periodically. The MK7's electronic auto-hold was more jerky than the MK7.5's. The 7.5's doesn't always come on if I touc
  25. What a sad, depressing story, very sorry to hear it. Does UK insurance not reimburse this sort of thing? Knock wood it's never come up with me, but I suspect vandalism is covered under the Comprehensive portion of my US policy, which is inexpensive enough to carry without a deductible. Many years ago the wheels were stolen off my Audi which was parked outside a repair shop while being serviced. The shop's insurance replaced the wheels.
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