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  1. hazbot

    Possible climate control issue?

    I have noticed once or twice recently that the temperature is a bit erratic. I pretty much never change the settings, just leave it on 20 degrees and auto. For the first two years of ownership I have never noticed any issues at all. But a couple of times now it seems like the airconditioning side of things hasn't started up, even though it should have. Example, on a damp day, when stopped in traffic - the interior might fog up. This never used to happen before and shouldn't happen when the A/C is on. Other example is when the vents are blowing air that is slightly hotter than it needs to be. Again I wonder if this is because the system is trying to mix heated air with the cooler air from the A/C but the A/C hasn't actually started ... I should point out that most of the time the system works fine. And when the A/C was blowing cold air over the summer, it was icy cold as expected. So the A/C works, but seemingly sometimes the climate control doesn't start it up when it should do.
  2. hazbot

    R Infotainment USB "images" - wthiigf??

    Not exactly what you would call a useful feature - but if you have any images which feature GPS coordinates embedded in their metadata, and you view them on the MIB display, you get a little chequered flag icon in one of the corners of the screen. Press that icon and it will put the coordinates into the satnav and offer you directions to get there :)
  3. hazbot

    How many Golf's have you owned

    my current 7R is my first Golf (aww) What about this guy though! https://www.motor1.com/news/260435/144-volkswagen-golf-collection/
  4. hazbot

    Irish R owners thread

    I was with 123.ie for the last few years but they went up a bit this year (not mental , only 100 quid or so) Ended up switching to FBD who gave me something like 70% no claims discount.
  5. hazbot

    Air Con Issue

    I have had a few intermittent issues in the last month or two. Car is just over two years old and was fine up till recently. I always leave the settings at 20 deg and auto. But a few times recently I felt like the system was blowing hot air when it didn't need to. And on one other occasion while sitting in traffic on a damp day, the interior got all fogged up, which had never happened before. I'm thinking there are intermittent cases where the climate system *thinks* the air-conditioning is running but in reality it isn't. Must report it to the dealer soon while I'm still in warranty. Not sure what they could do besides give it a once-over though, as the issue doesn't appear very often.
  6. hazbot

    Irish R owners thread

    Very nice, fair play Any estimate of when it will be arriving? Presumably February ish at this stage?
  7. I agree, the cost is brutal I paid €235 per corner , a month ago. Early impressions are excellent though. Grip much improved over the original (Continental 6P if I recall). Had one day of heavy rain and you could barely tell the difference from dry roads. And I find them much more comfortable - road noise is lower but also seem to absorb surface imperfections a lot better than before. Worth the extra few quid over the cheaper brands IMHO.
  8. hazbot

    Locked out!! Damn you VW!!!

    Yes it will flash the indicators four times, and refuse to lock the boot for exactly two minutes. Not exactly very noticeable though, especially if you're not watching out for it. After two minutes, if you haven't retrieved the keys, the boot will lock. Happened to me last year. I had a spare key cut from the blade part of the regular key. It is purely the metal part of the key, and it is small enough to keep in my wallet. If I ever get locked out again, the spare key will be enough to unlock the car using the hidden lock behind the driver's door handle. Then I should be able to crawl into the boot and retrieve the actual key !
  9. hazbot

    SD frustration

    I have the same setup and mine works just the same as this. OP the behaviour of your unit sounds abnormal ... (and annoying!)
  10. hazbot

    Instruments dials speedo etc...

    I suspect as well that they might put better quality LCD displays into the Audi versions. Similar to the way some phones and PC monitors just have better quality screens than others. e.g. Audi maybe gets IPS displays or OLED , whereas VW/Seat/Skoda gets cheaper TN displays. That way, even with similar software capabilities, the Audi display will just "pop" a bit more and look nicer overall.
  11. hazbot

    Be careful !

    +1 I had a black Toledo 20VT for 12 years! Loved that car. Kept it for so long because in all that time I never saw anything I wanted to replace it. Until I took a spin in a Mk7 R
  12. hazbot

    Do you keep your Golf R in a garage?

    My driveway has quite a steep downward slope and my previous car used to bottom out slightly, and scrape off the join between driveway & footpath. When talking to the VW dealer about buying an R, I asked him if we could drive round to my place in the demo car and (carefully) test the clearance. He threw me the keys and told me to go on away and try it for myself!
  13. hazbot

    Problem with my DSG?

    Mine did exactly this , a few times , but I only noticed it in the first few months. Now it is a year old and has some kms on it, I haven't seen this happen for ages.
  14. hazbot

    Golf R launching in the snow

    Perhaps ... could be something to do with the ESC mode as well? e.g. maybe car in first vid was launched in ESC sport mode and ESC restricted the power to front wheels, but second car had ESC totally turned off.
  15. hazbot

    Golf R launching in the snow

    Hmm that's odd , compare with this one .... (not my car either)