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  1. you can get lucky with WBAC I got offered £19k trade in recently for my 2016 white 3dr with DCC and Prets and got just over £22k from WBAC and that was with them knocking me down £500 for a few stone chips. Its a bit randon on how they check as they went over the front end very thoroughly and then wizzed over the rest and missed that 2 of the wheels had minor scuffs and that the tyres were fairly low.
  2. I doubt its the GPF thats reducing the power more likely they have detuned it to the previous mk7 power to help it comply with the new real world RDE tests for co2 emissions
  3. It all depend who you get with Autoglass Ive had 2 replaced on mine the 1st time they caused nearly £2k of damage the 2nd time was fine
  4. Pressing and holding the power button until it reboots usually fixes most problems. I sometimes get it where I get no sound until I reboot.
  5. whatsapp made it on to Carplay in January but I believe they are blocking others apps like Waze etc
  6. My 3 door R definately doesnt have these but someone in the office has a 3 door clubsport 40 and his does
  7. I dont have these on my mk7 3 door does everyone else have these?
  8. Lou I will send you a PM about this if ok as its still ongoing although my circumstances might be slightly different
  9. The paint on my car was damaged when I had a windsreen replaced. It was repaired at my local VM approved repairers It had to go back in as they managed to scratch and get overspray on the A pillars which they said they would polish out. On getting it back they had repainted both the A pillars and there is a fairly obvious imperfection on the driverside A pillar that looks like a dirty mark but is under the clear coat it is about 30mm long and 1-2mm wide. its easily visible from about 3 feet away. I pointed it out to them and they said it was an acceptable defect and that they would not do anything about it unless I paid for a further repair. I raised this with VW customer service who talked to the repairer and are basically not going to do anything about it. VW said I could take my case to the Motor Ombudsmen does anyone have any experience of this process and what are the pitfalls Thanks
  10. Hi My renewal is due soon and have been looking on the comparison sites for quotes. My car is standard but has prets and DCC Under the modifications section to include the options there is one for Factory upgrade wheels which makes a minor increase to the cost but under supension there is just one option for supension changes which if I select most of the quotes disappear off the list and the cheapest quote becomes about £200 more expensive. Does this sound right? When I first got my R i hade a hell of a job expaining to my insurers what DCC was Thanks Dave
  11. Nothing shady happening from me 🙂 I will either be claiming on insurance or taking the hit and stumping up for the parts myself depending on whether further investigation discovers any other damage. Insurance would be unlikely to pay for anything other than the stolen wheel and tyre so if I need to replace the other rear trye that will no doubt be additional cost for me
  12. They used a proper jack and then just left it jacked up. so hopefully no other damage. The jack was quite low as I had to jack it up a bit more to get the spare on so maybe They let the air out of the tyre to minimise the jacking height ? Anyone know how many variations there are for vw locking nut keys. Are there aftermarket locking nuts that are more secure ?
  13. Yes it does the internal sensors as well as the anti tow
  14. Just looked in the manual and it's listed as anti tow so many not be sensitive enough to pick up jacking up for wheel replacement. It doesn't list replacing a wheel as one of the scenarios where you may need to disable it. Unlit means it's enabled
  15. I've just checked that switch didn't know it was even there. Is it illuminated when on or off. Mine is not lit up but I have never pressed it ?
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