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  1. Ceramic coating may protect against light brushes with vegetation but are unlikely to so do against any stone(s) flying around.
  2. Oops, read that as Gitboy!!! Perhaps the 12 miles is a typo?
  3. tac1

    Tyre wear

    Even wear all round. Previous FWD Golf went through the fronts in no time, with minimal wear on rear.
  4. Have a look at http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/ where you can see the results of several in-depth comparisons. Me? TS-860 on 17" rims.
  5. Interesting you mention the cold It is not the cold, shirtsleeves in mid-winter for new arrivals; it is the high level of static caused by continuous sunshine and zero rainfall during the months of winter. Makes for some impressive electric storms when the rains arrive in Spring!
  6. Not in the UK, and not with the R but it is a common problem during winter in the Highfeld in South Africa (painful). Hold onto door metalwork as you step out of car and do not let go until foot on ground.
  7. Given that my route takes me through the Quantocks Not in the least envious ...!!!
  8. Not as good as best summer tyre, not as good as best winter tyre ... but plenty good enough for south of UK . I would not wish to run these tyres up in the North of England or Scotland but, living in Kent, these are just fine and save the need for another set of wheels. Not a patch on the TS-860 but far better than any premium summer tyre, most of which are utterly useless in 1/2" of snow or the merest touch of ice. I shall probably be flamed for daring to suggest that the Continental CPC-5 of Michelin equivelent is anything less than perfect in four inches of snow, but ... just look at the Uk after just one inch of snow! Noise is better than the Bridgestones fitted by VW but what isn't?
  9. if I want to pass anything, I push the accelerator A simple rear nudge on the 'gearstick' will set the car into Race mode, great for overtaking, another nudge will revert everything back to previous setting.
  10. Someone, somehow, hooked behind my front bumper whilst maneuvering in car-park. Resulted in nasty split which SMART repairers were not happy to repair. New front bumper, supply, fit, paint was around £400.00.
  11. tac1

    Non fault claim

    25mph is a fairly high collision speed; I would be surprised were there not structural damage resulting. If you were struck square on across the full width of the car you may, perhaps, be alright, if hit to one side of the rear chassis twist is almost a certainty. Get it checked out by a reputable body-shop.
  12. External side skirts running underneath both doors - used to be called sills in the old days
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