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  1. NP46


    On the subect of services, phoned a main dealer to quote me for a year 3 service and worryingly they asked me if it was minor or major i required......so Is a year 3 service minor or major, Lookers think minor with a haldex but only after I told them the haldex was due ffs....
  2. As title, my R is due a service and was wondering what the going rates are at main dealers. First mot too but not too worried about that, should sail through fingers crossed. Cheers Nik
  3. NP46

    dealership messed up on service!!

    Similar thing happened to me years ago at a Toyota dealership. They had serviced the wife's car and left the filler cap on top of the suspension turret. Luckily I only had a three mile drive home, it was the smell of burning that drew my attention to the error. I ended up getting a full valet, and a free service. Car was fine for the two further years we owned it. Good luck with yours op.
  4. NP46

    Drive Mode Percentages

    Then please educate us then. I don't find the fake sound offensive like a lot do so not sure what else I'd want to change in individual. I don't have DCC by the way.
  5. NP46

    Drive Mode Percentages

    I never change, 100% race, my only changes are between D and S manual on the gearbox.
  6. NP46

    Gift for petrosexuals

    I posted about these mugs last December and put up a picture of mine. Good quality but a little small if you like a decent sized brew.
  7. NP46

    Exhaust Tips - 3 Black and 1 Chrome

    How long have you have the car not to notice this before, also it's a wonder the dealership didn't spot it too. Are three badly sooted up?
  8. NP46

    Oil Operating temperature

    Same here. Seems to take an age at the moment for the oil to reach 50, water on the other hand is up to temp pretty swift.
  9. NP46

    Front Bumper Stolen

    I've noticed over the years that as a particular car becomes cheap enough for those not really in a financial position to run them properly parts start to go missing. Happened a lot when I had a Range Rover Sport, people managed to get their hands on early models but fancied a cheap facelift which sparked a surge in rear led light thefts and spare wheels. I refuse to buy anything vehicle part wise off eBay, just fuels the fire....
  10. Aston also produced the Cygnet, based on the little Toyota IQ but with a ridiculous price.
  11. Smile The moment after my first launch, not before or during, those moments were nervous apprehension and a small amount of fear. Cry The moment my VW dealer emailed me a service video showing a bent pret.... Nik
  12. NP46

    Down side to dynamic cruise control

    Tried mine a couple of times but I can't bring myself to trust it 100% so for me it's a waste of time.
  13. NP46

    Cracked Alloy

    I've had a buckled pret repaired but not a cracked pret but regarding colour I used a wheel specialist that obtained the paint code and colour matched the repaired wheel to the others. Repair was around £150 all in so considerably cheaper than a new wheel.
  14. How bad are they with the exhaust valves closed? I'm thinking about this mod but don't want to upset the neighbours. Cheers Nik