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  1. So presumably when a VW dealer sells an approved second hand R they do a launch count check and if the cars already done four they inform the prospective new owner that the launch control feature as described in the manual can't be used in order to maintain the warranty, I think not! Sales reps speak utter bollocks at times......
  2. you're too late buddy, already covered.
  3. Omg! Surely there is cctv but there again no doubt they were all hooded up, the twats! I wonder where the parts end up, creating R replicas or to replace crash damaged parts for those that don't want to claim on their insurance...who knows but it's shocking what goes on these days....
  4. Not currently in that situation but I was this time last year with the wife's car. It basically means your car has been off loaded from the boat and is awaiting a dealer transporter to collect it. Then it'll be pdi'd at the dealers prior to collection. Ours was at the port 5 or so days if I recall
  5. has your auto hold been turned off.
  6. So do the classic blue needles on the mk7 😁
  7. As a happy mk7 owner, old school dials are ok for now. If or when I decide to upgrade the R for a mk8 I only hope the digital dash is brought up to the standard of the Audi's, the Golf dash looks a bit bland and as already said, flat.
  8. Pity VAG don't pair up with a tuner like Ford/Mountune, Merc/Renntech and Subaru/Prodrive back in the day. I'd stage 1 my car for sure If there was some ort manufacturer backup.
  9. I renewed mine couple of days before it expired so maybe you're right about the within a month thing. When you do get on it only take a few mins and you can pay in one go or monthly. Nik.
  10. As per Rebecca's post I've just renewed mine online last week for the same amount. Bit of a bargain i thought compared to other cars i've owned.....
  11. Had mine three years, first mot last Saturday but unlike you I'm keeping it as it still meets my requirements in a car. It's very rare I keep a car past three years so it must be good one 👍
  12. Two cars, both DSG, enough said 👌😁
  13. Every car I've owned with aircon (many) the aircon has always been on in some shape or form. In this time I've never had an aircon service, as long as it blows cold I'm happy.....
  14. NP46

    Prince Philip.

    Story I read says he was pulling out of a junction, guessing he failed to see an oncoming car? Lucky to get away with no injuries at the ripe old age of 97, his age no doubt kick starting debates on elderly drivers.....
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