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  1. Gave the car a wash, polish and wax. Used Ads Car Care products. Easy to use and great results.
  2. I can confirm for a manual, you have to reselect race to ensure the 4 exhaust flaps are open. The car may be in race mode but there is no distinctive change in note until you re-select race mode
  3. Did mine and the wifes car today. Both look spanking but I have to say, her 2016 Audi has much better paint than my 2019 R. Shame really as the R's colour does pop when clean
  4. I think you have to check a tick box in the menu to activate folding mirrors, if you have the option that is.
  5. As everyone says, whatever suits you. Personally PCP works for me. 2k down in 2016 for a brand new mk7. All the benefits of a new car, monthlies I was happy with. 2019, used the equity in the mk7 plus another VW contribution and £500 from me for another brand new 7.5. Again all the benefits of new and monthlies I was happy with. For a lease, the monthlies will be cheaper but I don't like the idea of trying to find 2-2.5k every couple of years to sign up to a new lease deal. At least with a prestige motor, depreciation won't be so bad. Therefore at the end of a PCP you should have money to put into a new motor. Personal loan is defo the cheapest way but when you try and borrow 25k plus, interest goes up, therfore the monthlies will be similar to a PCP and you will still own an older car once its paid off, which probably won't be worth that much. It will be out of warranty in the time you own it, you'll have to wait for new models etc if you want to own it outright. At least with PCP you can change quite often. Anyway, just my thoughts.
  6. I would imagine the 2nd USB is situated in the centre console.
  7. I think I like this........... I think
  8. I had the same treatment. I allowed them to set it up and the dealers insistance surprised me. A few days later I reviewed what car net offered and weighed it up with being spied upon. I decided to log out of the in car account. It doesn't add much and I am happy not to supply VW with an additional information.
  9. Doesn't come through the speakers but through the soundaktor built under the scuttle panel.
  10. I bought a new 7.5 in June. I have the dynamic lights, Lane assist and camera but no keyless (which I personally don't mind) so there appears to be no method in determining the build date based on extras.
  11. I've got an S3 (wife's) and a 7.5. The Audi is definitely quicker. It picks up better and will out perform my R. The R handles better and is more fun to drive though.
  12. Mk 7.5 rears are dynamic, fronts are not. On the mk7 neither are dynamic but you can buy aftermarket wiring looms to create the effect of dynamic rears. Plenty on this forum and online about how to do it.
  13. Do all 7.5's have android auto as standard?? I know it was an option on the 7. Just checking as the OP seems to be having real problems with something that is simple plug n play. Does his car have android auto installed??
  14. I think I paid £20-£25 to have a slight buckle sorted. This was part of a wheel refurb but I would imagine that any reputable company would offer that as a standalone service.
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