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  1. How are everyone's systems working out, i got caught by a speed van on the A19 so i'm looking at getting a system, anyone had any problems with the ones they have,
  2. ive used rs alloy wheel refurbishment in Hartlepool , they do a day service as well check them out
  3. that's me who had the software update and its sorted problem, seems to work for most people, could call and ask for the cost of software update.
  4. i don't think they would frown on this as your not claiming on warranty, all you can do is ask and explain to the tech what the problem is and tell him software update has sorted it for other people, i asked a question on facebook and a few people had the same fault as us and seems the software update has sorted it out for the other lads too, where are you located and maybe ask on here if anyone has friends who works for vw. did you get the code of doug that was coming up on the car, what mileage and year is your car,
  5. Just got the car back and drove home, i have 4wd again, pulled out a tight junction on damp road and no wheel spin so the fault seems to be cured, they done an software update on the car and seems to have fixed the fault, not sure if its worth you putting car back to standard and getting the warranty or maybe call vw and see the cost of the software update,
  6. i knew i had a problem as when i tried to accelerate in the wet the front tyres would just spin, couldn't launch even when nice weather, i have extended the warranty a year, annoying thing is i have got all my stage 3 parts. I'm going to wait out a few months so i no the car is perfect when i take it down to get the work done, the code i had was C111307 which i believe is mechanical fault with haldex
  7. mine is in at vw for similar problem, i will keep you updated with what they do when i get the car back, did you get the code your getting mate,
  8. hey buddy what was the error code you had come up, my car has no power going to the rear wheels and i think it may be the same problem, had the haldex serviced about 5000 miles ago, booked into vw on tue hoping its an easy fix. my cars front wheels just spin if i turn the traction control off and floor it from a standstill,
  9. how much was the new pump buddy
  10. Seen someone in a blue Mk7 r on Saturday around about lunch time, wondering if its anyone on here, not sure what mods you have but the exhaust looked standard from the back but sounded amazing, was this anyone on here?
  11. cheers buddy, have you done any tests with a vbox to see acceleration and are you planning on any quarter mile runs at pod or somewhere else , i have all the parts just need to get it booked in at vrs, who else are doing these builds and how many miles have you done since the full rebuild, hope your having fun with the car, i look forward to more updates
  12. love your build buddy, i am collecting similar parts for a similar build, how are you finding the car, any problems and any more plans for the car?
  13. where are people getting there throttle body plates or are you putting the nozzles somewhere else,
  14. I have just had mine fitted. I called Mark to see when i could book in and he was up in Newcastle today fitting the ghost to a few cars at a dealers. im lucky to have had it fitted at my work as he was passing. i`m Really impressed with how it works and also really happy with how mark talked me through everything. He said the phone app for android is out soon too which is good its really easy to use. And the price on this group buy is amazing
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