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  1. Hi I tried to pm u about springs but for some reason it wouldn't let. If u want to contact me my email address is [email protected] or text 07940421201

  2. Pehen22

    Eibach pro kit

    Pm me
  3. Pehen22

    Eibach pro kit

    Thanks pal much appreciated. Think I'll take a look at the superpro arb too
  4. Pehen22

    White Smoke from exhaust?

    At least you have warranty. Mine is stage 1 so thought the worse but was a cheap enough fix. Try not to think the worse 👍
  5. Pehen22

    White Smoke from exhaust?

    Unfortunately that does not sound good. I didn't really lose much oil if any. Aparantly even a few drops of oil in the exhaust can cause a lot of smoke. Do you still have warranty?
  6. Pehen22

    White Smoke from exhaust?

    It's my car on the other link. I had a similar issue, put my foot down and when I got up to decent speed a huge cloud of smoke but no loss of boost, pulled over for 5 minutes started the car again and smoke was gone. Went out again and tried on the same type of road and this time smoke again and went into limp mode. Turned car off and waited 10 minutes and then was fine again. Garage I go to did every test they could and everything was fine. Fault turned out to be the pcv valve had a slight leak so replaced that and done 300 miles since with no issues. Is the car smoking even after you have turned it off and on?
  7. Pehen22

    Eibach pro kit

    Hi all Replacing my brakes at the end of the month with better discs and pads and just put new Michelin rubber on. Thinking of getting some springs fitted at the same time. What's everyone's views on the eibach pro kit, my wife uses the R as a daily driver so don't want ride too stiff. There seems to be a few places selling the springs, anyone have a link to the cheapest place to buy them from? Also any other cheap handling mods that I should add whilst I'm there? Thanks
  8. Thanks I'll take a look
  9. Does anyone have the link for the grooved nitrac discs as there seems to be different types on their website?
  10. I think by the way this post is going I will get standard discs and pads for rear, what make is best brembo or pagid. For the fronts I think I'll get grooved nitrac front discs with tarox strada pads with race brake fluid. Should be a decent enough upgrade and not break the bank
  11. I need new pads for the rear too. Would you just get standard pads for the rear
  12. Thanks for the info, checked the website and the discount still works. How much roughly are the ebc pads for front and rear. I know the ds2500 are around £350 which seems pricey.
  13. I know this topic has been covered numerous times but want everyone's advice onto whether I should upgrade discs and pads or remain standard. Basically I have had 4 new tyres fitted and noticed that the rear brake pads don't have much life left in them and the front brakes I think are slightly warped as the pads on the front are fairly new but at higher speeds vibrate when braking. Now the car will never be tracked and my wife drives the car during the week and I use it in the weekend for more spirited driving. The car is running stage 1 map at the moment. Now I have 3 options and don't know what to do. 1. Replace all discs and pads with standard equipment from euro parts, pagid or brembo for around £280 plus fitting. (Will brand new discs and pads be sufficient for stage 1?) 2. Upgrade all discs and pads to nitrac drilled and grooved for around £350 and then source a good set of pads, everyone keeps mentioning ds2500 pads which would be £350 for front and rear so £700 all in plus fitting. Any alternative cheaper pads which are just as good? 3. Final option is to upgrade the front discs and pads and put standard discs and pads on the rear which will be around £430 all in. I would normally just go for option 2 but spent around £1500 in the past 2 months on replacing all 4 tyres, oil change, radiator and water pump replacement along with new pcv valve. And alongside this Christmas is approaching. I can afford all options but for weekend spirited driving what would you go for? Thanks
  14. Pehen22

    Coolant gone down a bit

    I had my coolant going down slowly 3 weeks ago, there was a slight leak in the Water pump and radiator so replaced both
  15. Pehen22

    Urgent help - white smoke from car

    So cars been to the garage and it looks like the pcv valve needed replacing as there was oil in the inlet manifold. All replaced and car seems fine.