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  1. I would be looking at no more than 60000 miles on the clock so wouldn't be too high. I have done 40000 miles since I have had the corsa so would do all servicing etc myself.
  2. You make a good point actually. The only reason I am looking to sell the corsa is a family friend has just passed his test and he is adamant he wants the corsa so we will see if he buys it or not. MOT is due in March so I might just keep it and run it for another year if my pal doesn't buy it.
  3. Its just putting 24-26k miles on a year. Would be on 100k in just over 2 years lol
  4. Thats the dilemma I'm facing. I don't mind a manual but the wife won't drive a manual at all now. So when it's a nice summers day and on occasions if I want to drive the R to work then she won't drive the manual to work 🤣. I think she has taken my car off me over the last few months without me realising lol.
  5. Haha definitely practical enough but also pretty ugly 😂
  6. So to cut a long story short the wife now drives my R during the week and I use it on the weekend. This is basically to keep the mileage down as I do around 24000 miles a year as my daily commute. At the moment I drive my wife's 2008 corsa 1.3 cdti as it is only £30 a year to tax and averages 60mpg. The corsa now has around 89000 miles on the clock so within the next 4-6 months I will hit the 100k Mark so I need a replacement. With the wife now so used to driving the R and it being an auto she won't drive the manual. So I need a daily driver replacement with the below criteria and want some opinions as the only car I can really think of is an insignia or Passat. 1. Budget is £5000-£5500 2. Needs to get at least 50mpg 3. Must be auto and cheap to tax 4. Need something a bigger than the golf with ideally 5 doors 5. Not too old, 2010 onwards 6. No more than 60000 miles as this will last me around 2 years and I have had issues with higher mileage cars in the past so after the 2 years wouldn't want more than 110,000 on the clock and want to get at least half my money back after the 2 years. Thanks
  7. Yeah you are correct. It was the e92 335d coupe. It made maximum torque which was 550lbft and 2200rpm so as you can imagine it was fun in the wet 😅. Your best of stealing the Honda of your daily mileage is high. I've put 12000 miles on the corsa in 7 months so don't fancy putting those miles on the R.
  8. My wife uses it as her daily driver as I would put around 26000 miles a year on the R. I need the best of both worlds something she can drive easily and something I can enjoy on the weekend. My previous car was a mapped 335d and even though it felt quicker in gear it's difficult getting the power down this time of the year.
  9. If I'm honest tracking it doesn't interest me that much. Don't get me wrong the R is a very fast and capable car but I think sometimes it may not feel as quick due to the 4wd. It's ideal for me because I drive my wife's corsa cdti for commuting Monday to Friday and only drive the R on the weekend for the odd b road blast.
  10. I find that even stage 1 the in gear acceleration isn't mind blowing. 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear it's very quick with the dsg and 4wd grip but after that it's very flat. Maybe I'm just used to it now and need something faster 😂
  11. I had the smallest of leaks a couple of month back and replaced water pump and radiator as there was a tiny leak on the radiator. Think it was around £600 parts and labour and no leaks since.
  12. Hi I tried to pm u about springs but for some reason it wouldn't let. If u want to contact me my email address is [email protected] or text 07940421201

  13. Thanks pal much appreciated. Think I'll take a look at the superpro arb too
  14. At least you have warranty. Mine is stage 1 so thought the worse but was a cheap enough fix. Try not to think the worse 👍
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