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  1. Congratulations on the new R @Peter Wynne! Looks really amazing in black and you got the sunroof open too!! Good to hear Agnews have another satisfied customer. Hopefully in January I will be another one! Will look out for your reg on the roads. As we say here in Norn Iron 'keep er between the hedges!!'
  2. They are pretty good at following orders as I leave an A4 notice in the car when it's in not to wash it and to be fair they have obeyed! It's always interesting to hear someone's first hand experience living with it on a day to day basis. Hmmmm I will think about it
  3. Thanks for the quick reply Rebecca. When the time comes I might ask the dealer not to screw the plates on, but stick them on instead so there's no holes in the bumper Hey!!! There's still time yet to order it! Three months since I ordered and in that time added a sunroof to my original order and January 2022 is a long way off yet, so never say never!
  4. For all you lucky owners that have an 8R, I have 2 questions I'd like to ask! 1. Does the 8R come from the factory with a front number plate mounting plinth like the previous generations or does the number plate mount directly on to the front bumper? 2. For those with the HUD, can you disable it under the settings menu in the car? I've not specified a HUD on my 8R as I knew that anything in my line of view on the front screen (squashed bug!!) would really annoy me Just curious if you can or not!
  5. Not only have you the 'Luxury car tax' but you also have the 'Celebrity tax' too!!! (hence the asking price!)
  6. I see Wrexham VW have a famous ex VW Press car (KY70 BLZ) for sale for nearly £50k! It does have a lot of extras but not the PP. I can imagine the sales patter would go something like 'Very low miles, a pristine example, never raced or rallied, errrrm well except by Joe Achilles around Snetterton and ohh Vicki Butler Henderson got it airborne over a hump back bridge!!' 😀 https://00132.usedcars.volkswagen.co.uk/en/used-cars/volkswagen/golf/20-tsi-320ps-r-4motion-dsg-sunroof-dcc-head-up-rear-camera-winter-pack-tdcpt2x
  7. Spoke to my dealer yesterday and my car ordered on the 19th May is due for build in November, with delivery in December. So in reality I am looking at January 2022! 😬 Spec: Lapiz Blue Performance Pack Akrapovic DCC Panoramic Sunroof Harmon/Kardon Reversing Camera Winter Pack (Front)
  8. Same here Peter. Just placed the order last week, but the salesman told me VW are currently updating their system to MY22, so it might be a few weeks until I get an order number.
  9. Hi Peter, fellow NI man here. What dealer did you order from?
  10. Ordered 21-05-2021 Lapiz Blue Performance Pack Akrapovic Exhaust DCC Harmon/Kardon Winter Pack Reversing Camera
  11. I recognise that area well! I collected my Lapiz Blue (the common colour!) from there in May 2017. Great looking R you have there 😎
  12. Lovely R Peter, Not too far away from Detail NI. Have seen your car on Detail NI's page on Instagram. I had my R ceramic coated with GTechniq, but didn't get the wheels coated due to cost. Would be interested in hearing how your wheels fare (I'm on black pretorias too). I must say I love the lip spoiler and the performance brake mod you've done. 😎
  13. No driving within the speed limit parameters (I Think!!) 😂
  14. Lovely R, Ryan. Spotted you yesterday at Ballyboley! Next time I'll flash the lights 😎 I'm in a Lapiz blue R with black Pretorias ☺️
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