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  1. I recognise that area well! I collected my Lapiz Blue (the common colour!) from there in May 2017. Great looking R you have there 😎
  2. Lovely R Peter, Not too far away from Detail NI. Have seen your car on Detail NI's page on Instagram. I had my R ceramic coated with GTechniq, but didn't get the wheels coated due to cost. Would be interested in hearing how your wheels fare (I'm on black pretorias too). I must say I love the lip spoiler and the performance brake mod you've done. 😎
  3. No driving within the speed limit parameters (I Think!!) 😂
  4. Lovely R, Ryan. Spotted you yesterday at Ballyboley! Next time I'll flash the lights 😎 I'm in a Lapiz blue R with black Pretorias ☺️
  5. That is one beautiful stunning DBP R 😎 Exactly the spec I would have gone for myself. I've it's 3 door lapiz blue cousin ☺️
  6. It was PDi'd a few days before I got the car as I was tracking it with the dealer and with VW. When it arrived off the transporter, the dealer sent me a video. I then had it ceramic coated by a detailing company the day after and I took delivery the same week. Interesting point though, will have a look and see on the infotainment system.
  7. My car is 10 months old and the oil change message appeared a few weeks ago. I phoned VW and said that I've only 6,000 miles on the car and it's not a year old until the middle of May. He said that the car may have detected the need for a sooner oil change (not sure I believe that!). It's covered by a service plan, so don't have to worry about the cost.
  8. No Sam, my R is Lapiz Blue. Never seen a white silver in the flesh before, but it's something different from the normal white. My Car below
  9. Hi Sam, Sam here too and good to see another fellow NI R Driver! Purchased mine in Agnews, Boucher Road like yourself and it was straight to PMG to get some Gtech ceramic coating applied. It makes a great job of the car. Lovely colour and great in estate guise if you need the space! I'll keep an eye out for you on the roads!!
  10. Ah you're from over here too Deezer? Six months, that's a disgrace, just like the roads. I'm just going to get the P Zeroes. I've been reading the pros and cons of mixing tyres on the R. The PS4's are probably better tyres, but I'd really want to keep all 4 the same and can't afford to spend £800 on 4 tyres! 😱
  11. Yes, it could have been worse! Poor ole Ant is in rehab and arrested for drink driving! (And Saturday night takeaway is cancelled!!) I've not actually ordered the P Zeroes yet, as today is a public holiday in NI due to St. Patrick's day falling on a Saturday and a lot of places are closed. As Deezer said, I could order PS4's but I really want to keep all 4 tyres the same on a AWD car. Richard, over here in NI, local councils do not manage roads. We have a dedicated Government department called the Department for Infrastructure (DFI). They do have a claims page, but they certainly want to make the process as time consuming and complicated as possible. They really want to put as many people off claiming as possible!
  12. Bit of an update folks. I went to see a reputable alloy wheel refurb shop this afternoon. They jacked up the offending wheel and confirmed that the wheel looked fine. There's a very tiny dent as shown in the photo above but he said he wouldn't touch the wheel due to the damage being so minimal. He did advise to get the tyre changed ASAP as the pothole had compromised the side wall. I called at my usual tyre dealer and they put it up on the ramp and inspected with alloy from the inside and confined that it was just a slight dent on the outside. I ordered 2 Pirelli P Zeroes as I didn't want to replace one of them and the other side with a used tyre with nearly 6k miles on it. WOW these P Zeroes are expensive! £180 each inc vat!! 😱 I suppose when you put it in context of £875 for a new Pretoria and then 2 new tyres on top of that, it could have been much worse! Stress free day NOT! 😢
  13. Just off the phone to VW, black Pretoria is £875 inc vat and will have to be ordered from Germany. Will try to get some photos of the repaired hole.
  14. A few weeks ago I hit a massive pothole. I gave the wheels a check, and everything looked OK and the car was driving fine. Today I was giving the car a thorough wash since hitting the pothole and I noticed when I was applying the tyre dressing that there was a bulge on the size of the tyre. On further investigation I could see the wheel was buckled. Nightmare situation 😢 As i'm in N.Ireland, you have to claim off the Department for Infrastructure (DFI) and as they want photographic evidence, the hole in question is now repaired. I'm considering claiming off my insurance as the cost will probably be close to a grand if I factor in two new replacement tyres and an alignment check. The prets are black too and as the car is only 10 months old VW is my only option. Any thoughts and comments welcome. Do you think the tyre is safe for driving?
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