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  1. That's insane. Makes my wait from May 2021 a bit more bearable. Mine's almost full spec, minus leather, HUD and Discover Pro. Have VW not even teased you with an unconfirmed build date yet?
  2. I ordered from Agnews Boucher Road. The dealer told me that the new model year cars are being built and that cars were being slotted around. Don't really know what to make of that, but I guess it will just be a matter of waiting on. Don't cancel! You have waited too long to bale out now. It should be worth the wait. I've yet to see a PP Golf R yet in NI, never mind a Lapiz blue one. What spec have you ordered?
  3. Ordered 20th May. Last month's update was week 6/22, this month's now week 9/22 all unconfirmed of course, so expecting it to slip further.
  4. Actually 2 x RS3's! He's picking up a saloon in January and the sportback around April 2022. I think he's going to mod them?! 😁
  5. https://www.roadstargb.co.uk/used-cars/search/?make[]=Volkswagen&model[Volkswagen][]=Golf&budget-program[]=hp&pcp-deposit[]=10000&pcp-annual-mileage[]=10000&pcp-term[]=36&hp-deposit[]=10000&hp-annual-mileage[]=10000&hp-term[]=48&section[]=222599&order=-price&pageId=2025156
  6. Looks like the PP spoiler is on the VW configurator app too. So maybe standard now unfortunately for those of us that have gone for the PP 😕 Win for anyone who hasn't!
  7. He's already sold his Golf R for £50k and it's going in the next few weeks. He paid £37k for it then added the Vossan wheels, exhaust and Maxton kit. And even crazier, he's got an RS3 saloon coming in January from Tetbury Audi. He's keeping the RS3 sportback factory order too. The plan is to heavily modify for track!
  8. Absolutely incredible! Not even new (ex Demo) and no options that I can see. Yours for £1 under 60 Grand!! 😬 Surrey prices https://www.lookers.co.uk/nearly-new-car/volkswagen/golf/2-0-tsi-320-r-4motion-5dr-dsg/id/399391
  9. Monthly check in with the dealer revealed mine had slipped by one week, to week 5/22. Still unconfirmed though!
  10. Definitely a lottery as to what they tell you! Hope you get your car in that time frame!
  11. I email the dealer once a month on the date of placing the order. Nearly 6 months in and my unconfirmed build week is now week 4 2022. I should have been driving my new R last month!
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