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  1. Thanks for help with wiring advice. Fitted this morning and pleased with results on map 2 while enjoying the weather 😎.
  2. I've looked back in posts just and got the same VW connectors, have pins for them and I quite like to spend the time and do things like this myself - weird I know. The post count before allowing PM's is a pain though.
  3. Thanks Rob2k68, I could see from the guide they had tapped into a red wire but both connectors on my car have a red wire on pin 1 so I wanted to confirm the 5 pin connector was the right one. Hopefully the weather is good on Saturday and I can get JB4 fitted. 😀
  4. Thanks for the reply George. Just wanted to make sure I had ordered the correct bits first before making the loom up. 😀
  5. Just came round to look about making loom up so I don't have to tap into AFR wire and on my car there are 2 connectors in that area. The top connector is a 5 pin connector and the bottom connector is the 4 pin. In the JB4 install guide I have it shows tapping in to the bottom connector which is a 4 pin connector on my car but the bits for the loom I have bought are for a 5 pin, I can see on the picture on the guide if the connector they tap in to is a 5 pin connector. Have they swapped connector location round on the 7.5? The outer sheath on the 5 pin cable is black and the cable they tap into on the guide has a black outer sheath. Can anyone advise please as I can't work out wire colours very well on picture in the JB4 guide.
  6. Looks good, have mine to do. Would be good to see a side on shot.
  7. I have had this on mine and I've just gone out and opened the door, put a bit of downward pressure on the door as I could see it was binding towards the top of the catch and it's fine again now. It was like it was slightly out of alignment and putting light pressure up or down has sorted it.
  8. What revs does the FL hold during a launch? Yet to try one on mine...
  9. Hi


    Can you hide/remove your response on picture of my car please. Apparantly has location information embedded on picture so ive hidden my post. Cheers Neil

    1. andrewparker


      Done Neil. Fine looking car buddy

    2. Nelly79


      Thanks for that.

      Never thought about phone picture adding location data.

      Hopefully will see a picture of yours posted up when it lands.

      Cheers Neil

    3. andrewparker


      Definitely! Although I’m already driving a Golf R, I’m still very excited about getting it.


      And thanks for the heads up about location data, I’ll have to make sure I remove it before posting. Never even thought about it to be honest!

  10. Weird alarm problem this morning on FL. Unlocked the car from key, opened boot to put bag in and closed boot and after a few seconds the alarm went off. Alarm would not silence by pressing unlock on the keyfob (as I expected it would) but it did silence when I locked from the keyfob. Has anyone else had this kind of issue?
  11. My estate lease has been built this week and got the in transit status just - happy days. On holiday in 4 weeks time for a couple of weeks so hopefully it will land when I'm off work.
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