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  1. Direct LeasePlan was the leasing company, but I think there was a limit to how far the dealer could drive it & 170 miles was past that limit, so it was transported.
  2. I must be on of the fortunate ones with a my Lease Company, mine was delivered in a covered transporter 170 miles distance FOC
  3. Mines LeasePlan Direct, docs all signed back in June when the car was ordered.
  4. Dealer has just called, system codes all working now & my car is fully registered ready for the 1st March delivery.
  5. Darren, this is my view on the insurance issue. If you look at the VW bulletin from Thursday it states that they are working with the Association of British Insurers, I think at present our 300PS cars are not on their system, once the registrations are sorted so should the insurance issue, also our Golfs have the Car-Net Security & Service installed so this my reflect on the premiums ? As I stated this is only my opinion, so it'll be interesting once our cars are fully registered to see if the insurance companies recognise the new model ?
  6. My dealers been on the phone, all set to deliver/transport my car to me on the 1st March.
  7. Just had a call from my dealer saying the official CO2 figures for the "R" have just been released by VW, hopefully winging their way to the DVLA !!
  8. I've had the same conversation with my dealer today, I can't get my car until mid March as the CO2 figures have not been released to the DVLA, so the car can't be taxed. Will have to wait & see if it's resolved earlier ?
  9. On Monday my car was all set to be registered & delivered on the 1st March, got a call from my dealer late yesterday to be told there's a hold up with my car & that it may not be delivered until mid March now, but VW UK were implying that the DVLA were not processing the WLTP codes fast enough ? Not sure if it's to do with all the options, I'll just have to wait & see. It'll be interesting to see what your sales team have to say ? My Car: Ordered 21st June. Built 12th November. Arrived in UK 1st February.
  10. Kev, good to see it's here now, the app is usually 24 hours behind. has a call from my dealer today to sort out 19 reg & hopefully delivery for 1st March.
  11. Kev, give them a call on the number I said, they'll tell you which ship etc. 0800 333 666 then option 9
  12. Ok, the City of Amsterdam docked at Grimsby this afternoon & the City of Rotterdam will dock at Grimsby early tomorrow morning. Just keep an eye on the app, as I said earlier I didn't receive a text today the app updated it's self to stage 6, my car came into Grimsby yesterday.
  13. This is the number 0800 333 666 then option 9. they don't open again until 08:30 on Monday. Did you go to 5c today or yesterday as the app is 24 hours behind. Your dealer can only tell you which port it's going to but customer services have all the details, ship etc. The port seems to be determined by which dealer you are using ?
  14. Have you checked the app today, I didn't receive a text today but the app has changed to Stage 6 (in the UK) your better off phoning VW customer services with your order number, I did this yesterday & they told me name of ship & port of entry etc.
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