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  1. there we go boys! That’s how it’s done!
  2. Enjoying mine a lot so far. Through my first tank of super at 26mpg which surprised me as it’s not had an easy few days. Hows everyone else getting on? Oh btw does anyone have any online services as standard. I thought the car was meant to come connected to the net. Am I wrong?
  3. I’ve never watched a video of a car defrosting. But that’s actually quite impressive. I’m so jealous being up here in cold Scotland
  4. Small clip of revs and the launch control on my WLTP 7.5 R hatch. 80 miles on the clock here. https://youtu.be/Of_yVWf7f3g
  5. I’ve had mine 90 miles and it’s been launched about 10 times haha. Seems to go alright
  6. Standard hatch with 55 miles on the clock.
  7. Mine arrived today - gotta day impressed with the sound. It’s a deep burble. Have linked a wee video below. It’s just as good as pre wltp id say https://youtu.be/Of_yVWf7f3g
  8. Wow that is a loud start up 👌🏻 Thanks for the vid bud. Love it
  9. On a brighter note. For the guys that have collected. How’s the cold start up sound, fruity?
  10. I’m utterly confused. Never had an issue with insurance in my life and I’ve had plenty of high performance cars in my early 20’s. Civic type R’s etc. Now almost 30 and I can’t get insured in a golf... it’s wild.
  11. I just got a quote from admiral on the 310 at £558PA the 300 was £4,440. All information exactly the same?! The actual f**k is going on?!
  12. It’s insane isn’t it?! It’s the same car with a filter in the exhaust which makes it slower.
  13. Yeah any assistance - I’m really struggling to even get a quote. Bizzarly everyone will insure me on a 310 but they say the new car is in a different category and can’t insure me because of my age/experience. Been driving 10 years?! Bizzare.
  14. Yup axa are coming up top for me on the 310 model. I’m assuming they were okay with the new model on the phone
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