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  1. Here is my 2019 WLTP Golf R, really pleased with it! Lapiz blue looks great, going to be hard work to keep clean though! Been commuting to work in it all week, about 20 miles each way, averaging around 34 to 35 mpg, if sensible 👍
  2. I also got a confirmation this morning that my car is now in transit
  3. I was also told last week by the dealer I have ordered my car through that the Golf R (hatch version), has not yet passed WLTP testing? I also notice that the Golf price list on the VW UK website was updated on the 10/01/19 and it still doesn't have any information for the Golf R.
  4. Incorporation of direct injection into a spark-ignition engine offers several advantages including enhanced fuel economy, minimised pumping loss, higher compression ratio, reduced knock tendency and improved transient response. Direct Injection allows precise control over the amount of fuel and injection timing to control performance and drivability. VW won't have introduced this change on a whim, there is significant focus now on combustion engines environmental performance, particularly if your VW, considering their recent history with the diesel engine scandal. VW will have done considerable amount of CFD modelling and testing, including long life tests. I would be interested to know what their strategy is for managing carbon build up, I would imagine it is an engineering solution, i.e materials, coatings, injector design, spark ignition, compression, etc. or possibly maintenance but I doubt this. I would imagine this change will carry across into the Mk8 Golf's, Audi's, and wider VW group cars. I'm not defending the change but I guess we have to trust the VW engineers on this one and hope there won't be a significant long term impact on engine performance.
  5. This is a very interesting subject, there are some significant benefits by moving to direct injection, I can see why VW would want to move this way. However, as has been well reported in this thread, carbon build is a unfortunate downside, I would be interested to know if VW have any servicing strategy for this? For sure it will be something they have tested for and should have a plan for managing? This change would not prevent me ordering a MY19 R.
  6. My dealer sent me a new quote on the week before Christmas confirming the rate change to 3.6%. They were not able to give me any information regarding delivery dates or WLTP testing.
  7. Tom Moo

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    Good afternoon Just signed up, waiting for my Golf R to arrive. I ordered in Oct, tracker changed to build in progress last week. Hopefully, will be the proud owner in early March, depending on WLTP testing progress. Previously owned a few Scooby’s but really excited to get the Golf R!
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