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  1. Used to be 1 mile each way (and in nearly 5 years I probably walked it less than 20 times!), now about 12 miles each way and takes about 30-35 minutes which seems a long commute but think I was spoilt before!
  2. I've had warnings maybe 4 or 5 times in the just over a year I've had the car. Usually, when cars are pulling to the side of the road or into a side street, and usually miles ahead of me. Twice it's actually braked for me (which is very disconcerting), one time I was going into a parking space and it obviously decided the kerb at the end of the space was a bit too high. The second time was I reversing off my drive, obviously a bit quicker than I normally do, the drive slopes down to the road but the road has a fairly steep camber to the middle so it must have thought the road was a wall on that occasion.
  3. Had someone yesterday pull out from roadside parking on a 40mph road just in front of a cyclist that I suspect they didn't see, close enough to me that I then had to slow down for them, then proceeded to trundle along at 30 until they reached the 30 limit at the entry point to my town at which point they sped up. 🙄
  4. Finally got the chance to drop in today, and.......... was told to book it in for a service for the same reason as yourself. 🙄
  5. Apologies for the thread resurrection, but seemed pointless making a new thread. I've had my leased R just over a year and 10.5k miles, and the oil service warning has come up. Tried to book in and VW have said because it's a lease car it doesn't need doing until 18k miles or 2 years. Just spoke with the lease company who have confirmed the same (it's on a maintenance plan). It just seems like an awfully long time without an oil change? I had been entertaining the idea of buying the car if it was an option at the end of the lease, so I guess it's down to how likely I think it is I'll actually do that as to whether I take the time and money to do a change myself in the meantime.
  6. My renewal with LV was £358 vs a brand new quote from them of £550 (and no-one else was cheaper than that either). Max NCB, no points, 34 years old. Not sure what happened there but not gonna complain.
  7. I get the traction control light come on occasionally over certain speed bumps near me, you mentioned bumpy roads so could be connected to that?
  8. My insurance with LV expires in about 3 weeks. The other week I was getting quotes and it looked like I'd be in the region of £550-600 (34, 0 claims, 9 years NCB). We've recently moved house but still within the same postcode area, so I ended up getting renewal quotes at both addresses, at the old address £521, new address £358! No idea how they come up with that price, the only major change is we own this house and were with family in the other, which I guess has an impact, but we're still barely a mile away in the same town. Interestingly sticking our info into comparison sites at the new address is still around £550 as cheapest, as is doing a new quote direct with LV so I don't think I'll be moving away!
  9. Thanks both (was on the fence about whether to post in the detailing forum to start with so thanks for moving it). I used a poorboys sealant when I first got the car about 4 months ago so probably time to do it again when I get chance to spend a bit longer on it. I do use the hose without attachment when rinsing the car but do the whole car in one go (and it is in the sun). I don't think the water round here (South Manchester) is particularly hard, but it does seem the most likely cause for that. Any recommendations for a finishing polish? I don't have a DA.
  10. Life has been hectic recently so I finally had chance to wash the car today after a couple of months. Got to drying with a quick detail spray and noticed what is probably hundreds of marks all over the car, particularly on the bonnet/roof but also down the sides. Tried using a microfibre soaked in the detail spray and really working at some but made no difference. I've tried to take some pictures but they're not particularly great as they're only really visible at certain angles but this is the best I could do for the little spots. I also noticed a separate bit that is possibly more concerning, picture also attached. Some of this appears to be below the surface but that could just be my eyes tricking me. I also had a good go with this with a MF cloth but no change. Anyway, have I actually ruined the paintwork simply by not washing it for a couple of months? Or is there something else I can try to sort it (I am assuming most of it is possibly where sap etc has got onto it?). Car was new in February. I don't remember having this kind of issue with our 63 plate Octavia and that's probably had as many washes in the 4.5 years we've had it as the Golf has since February....
  11. Was done through our insurance emergency cover so no idea. I'll just replace it along with the others for the sake of an extra £40 or so.
  12. Locksmith put on a Versa anti snap lock - are these any good? I'm going to measure up for the other locks downstairs so can always just replace that one too if it's crap. A neighbour a little way down the road has the individuals on CCTV pulling up in an Audi (looks like an A3 or maybe an S3) opposite theirs and heading off up to us and back but nothing that's probably of use to the police as it was side on to the car and they had hoods up etc.
  13. Thanks, will mention that to the locksmith when here.
  14. Looks like we'll be upgrading our locks, I'd already been thinking about it having read this and other threads and there having been a few incidents of break ins/attempted break ins in our street/area. This morning at 4am woke up to a bang, switched the landing light on, walked around a bit upstairs, not hearing any more I looked out the side window where our back/side door is and noticed the gate ajar (It doesn't have a lock but is normally shut). After a bit more time went downstairs and sure enough the locks been snapped but I guess I disturbed them before they got any further. Dialled it in to 101 and now waiting for Home Insurance to sort out a locksmith. Finally a benefit to being a really light sleeper!
  15. Anyone using Spotify through Apple Carplay? I am trying to work out if the issue I am now experiencing is a Spotify issue or a car issue or if there's something I have managed to change without realising. Previously the back/forward buttons on the steering wheel would go to the next/previous track. As of the last few days they now go back/forwards 15s. I can't see any way to go to a different track without going back into the menus, and scrolling to the track I want on the display which is not ideal. Is anyone else experiencing this?
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