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  1. My dsg felt like it was slipping at first but I think it’s trying to cap the torque. It’s been fine lately.
  2. Go resonated unless you want everyone to hear the sound of a fart canon 😂
  3. What would the difference be between this set up and the stock set up. Surely without changing the size of the discs the stopping distance won’t change. Is it for the sake of brake fade/feel ?
  4. Yep mine does the same when it’s cold outside. Almost 0c. Goes always after a few mins.
  5. Looks like an elephant has sat on the bonnet and just squished the whole front. Horrible to say the least.
  6. Reckon it’s just going to the same ea888 unit with a slight boost in power to 350bhp with a boost increase. Then current engine can handle 400bhp safely in tuned format
  7. If you actually did some research on that reg you’d know that’s not my car, I clearly didn’t come in a white hatchback when I came to pick up the brake pads and discs of you 😂😂 I don’t everr advertise my reg on the internet and use I whatever one I can find on the forum. Sorry, I’m not going to bother with you anymore. Bye
  8. How can you tell that my quotes are aggressive just over messages ? If you had an issue with my design then you should have put a patent on yours Yep, it does seem a coincidence I’ll give you that. Have you asked where he has been for the last 9 weeks ? I rather you not jump to conclusions. If I was to be both users I’d be messaging you at the same rather than leaving 7mins in between messages 😂
  9. Like I said, I have an account on ASN under the name of Shawn8V. Ain’t got a clue who A.ShawnS3 is I’m afraid. Shawn is a common name in this country after all. And I must be really stupid to message you on another account 😂😂😂 Think you just need to calm down mate, and let me do my business please that would be lovely.
  10. I’m back baby 🤫. Didn’t read the terms and conditions. Silly me hence why my posts disappeared.
  11. Think your getting abit confused Mr Rob, I do have an account over at ASN under the name Shawn8V. And how I knew the price ? Well you advertised the price on there ???? Not so strange after all
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