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  1. I been going through the pictures I have taken, because the pictures I have got on the car are from a distance I can't see anything. It could have been there before the bird poop but Im sure I would have noticed it.
  2. Don't understand why its just happening to the bonnet only, Messaged my body shop guy and he is also stated its lacquer coming off
  3. Some pictures I could take right now, Not great but hopefully a better understanding. I will try and take more when the light is low
  4. i do have that policy in place, My car is going into workshop next couple of weeks for oil service i will take it up with them then. If not i will have a word with my bodyshop guy and see what he advises and yes i will need it blended in
  5. I purchased it from VW last year - i am fuming. I will see if they can do anything if not i will have to get the bonnet resprayed.
  6. ahhh fuming because i just noticed there are a few other smaller spots on the bonnet. Dont suppose that is covered on the VW warranty its only been 9months since i purchased it.
  7. just tired to take more pics, Its been raining and the light is too bright for me to get anything. Running my finger through the patch and rest of the bonnet i can feel a difference. i will try to get more pictures later on this eve
  8. I will try and take a better picture, Im not sure if its paint lacquer. I had piece of it in my hand it felt/looked like clear plastic.
  9. Hi All, Hope you could help me with my situation. Sooo.....Finished work and noticed a bird pooped on my bonnet . Quickly got some water and a cloth to wipe it off. Then i noticed something which had me screwing. There was like a layer on the bonnet i chipped away a bit and it was plastic. Im not sure what this is only assumed it was some type of protective coating which VW applied?. I have attached a pic. As the car is still under warranty is this something VW can re-do? (If it was done from them and not the previous owner). Is this something which i should get looked at asap?. Thanks
  10. Hi JJB, First of all got to say nice work loving the work!!! You mentioned: This weekend I fitted a new recirculation valve that's been made available to the Golf MK7/MQB cars. It's designed to fully recirculate the boost as opposed to venting it to the atmosphere like DV's and the dual ports. Really good piece of kit, lovely turbo sounds now coming through the cabin, nothing too invasive either. I am interested in something like this i know there are various options for example GFB DV+, Im not sure what the differences are i will have to do a bit more reading into this. If i did install this onto my car would i notice any difference (car completely stock at the moment) besides just noise and there will better throttle response?.
  11. They did not provide me with any details, The car went in for investigation they called me back and asking me to drive it down the road to see if it was still spinning. Went for a drive and the problem had gone they said all they did was update the software.
  12. This happened to me after replacing the pump & oil/filter. I took it to VW who done a software update and resolved the problem.
  13. ahh i see not bad. Will give them a shout.
  14. Do you have to send them your steering wheel?
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