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  1. Cheers George with the swift reply i will update the app and get back to you. Thank you
  2. Hi All, I was wondering if you could help/advise i tried to google but i could not find anything. I recently checked my JB4 error code/ faults and the following appeared...... Im looking to install TT pipe and K&N air filter and poss a down pipe and then a map 6 but before i do that i just wanted to make sure the car was ok.
  3. I didn't get it in the end as there was not much feedback, I am planning to get the TT pipe instead
  4. Hi All, Thank you for the feedback and advise and sorry for the delay in replying back. So i managed to find out what the products are. Stage 1 : one step machine polish, Prior to this car will receive a full decontamination - chemical and physical. 2 year ceramic coating will be applied. Products: Gyeon, gtechniq and carbon collective. @jrw - I am located in west London
  5. The person who will be providing the service is a start up, very small business, Does it on his drive. I know he has done many cars and seen the outcome assuming because he is small that reflects the price... I will find out the products he uses.
  6. Hey Jon, Thanks for replying back and providing me your thoughts. I have been quoted £370 again not too sure if that is good.... I can find out which ceramic he uses
  7. Hi All, I recently got my car bonnet resprayed due to lacquer peeling off. I was thinking should i add some sort off protection on the bonnet? If so what would you guys suggest?. Another question i have is i am not sure if my car has ever had ceramic coating applied to it, I have taken it to a couple of people, one suggested it had and one suggested it has not...... So i am a bit confused..Is there anyway of telling if it has? Im assuming by just pouring water on it to see how it drizzles? - Sorry for the dumb questions i really am a novice when it comes to this i use to just take my car to £10 car wash now i am taking it to someone who valets it using 2 bucket method. I have asked him to a "proper" job on the car he has suggested a one step machine polish which he states its perfect for the car that has light swirled marks on there and will remove up to 60% scratches and leave a gloss finish, 2 year ceramic coating. (8/9 hours to do this) I am not sure what products he will be using to do this and what his method are. Again what are you thoughts in regards to that? Does any one on here offer private services and possibly get their own opinion on my car? Thanks
  8. @jrw - Yes it was FOC the garage were very helpful had no issues with them what so ever. @Baldchap - That is the plan, I will be creating a new topic in regards to this in the detailing section for advice and assistance
  9. Correct, the garage resprayed it
  10. As you know Dave i just got the car back so i haven't really had the chance to boot it around after you did the install it went to the garage couple of days later. I have noticed louder dsg farts but i will be driving around this weekend lowering the helix and listening out for the over runs lol. Its funny you say that about Race mode - I thought race mode just changed the DCC settings and put the gearbox in S?. Is there anything else that it does?. What i thought was if i leave it in normal mode and put the DSG in S - That is race mode except for the DCC settings?
  11. Hi All, So i wasn't sure if i should create a new post or just add to this.......Decided to add to this in the end. Before i start just want to say a big thank you to @SpursMadDave who installed the system for me! all nice and neat and programmed . Also @JJB who guided me and answered my questions. Cheers Guys!. So straight away i could see/feel a massive difference between stock and map2. This how the car should have been like and felt like when released. its a massive improvement. I switched back to stock mode on the weekend and it lasted 5 mins pulled over and put back into map 2. The main reasons why i decided to go down the JB4 route was: * Plug and play - not affecting the warranty (even though that would be ending soon) * Switchable maps * Adjustable Maps (as the mods grow) * Assistance when needed * Price I can go on and on how great this bit of kit is but im sure most of you all know this. So all in all very happy with this kit! If any one is in two minds to get this kit i recommend that you should! It really does transform the car. My car is stock at the moment but i plan to install/Do: * TT pipe * Panel Filter * Map 6 Maybe downpipe/exhaust system The only party trick that i missing out on this the pop/bang over run feature - I know most members are not a fan's of this but each to their own. Not sure how to end this but thank you and JB4 is the one!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Yes i am - in the process of a write up in regards to it haha
  13. FYI - Solved Dealership resprayed the bonnet and looking all good
  14. Just got the the system installed and what a transformation from stock!!!! Once again THANK YOU Dave for the installation. Makes me more happier jumping into the car lol. The only thing i was disappointed about was jumping back into my car seats after sitting in yours lol. Man they are comfy. Love the work you done to your R aswell some very nice touches.
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