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  1. Hi, Would this piece of kit work on a Mib 1 the standard composition media, 5.8inch Screen?.
  2. I can confirm my prets are not buckled and are in mint condition after the refurb. They are sitting in the garage.
  3. I have set of prets which have just been refurbed to hyper silver, There was slight miscommunication I wanted them gun metal grey. If you have a black pair I would be happy to swap once refurbed or you can give me cash to refurb? The prets are OEM and Im London based, The prets are currently not on the car either so they are still fresh. Let me know. Thanks
  4. Oh ok, i was just wondering with the new update the preloaded maps were better than our a custom map6. would someone be able to explain the new preloaded maps now? i know map1 was low boost map 2 high boost with 98octance. map3 data logging map4 valet mode map6 custom have these all changed now? thanks in advance
  5. That’s some good times, does it feel quicker than your map6?. be interesting to see your map6 times against this.....
  6. Hey Dave, Map 6 is different to Map 2, In map 6 i feel the boost kicking in a lot more from 3.5k and it just fly's through the gears. Map 2 i felt like in 4th gear it just kept pulling seemed like it could go on forever in 4th gear. There is huge difference in power delivery but i cant tell if the car is faster lol. Speaking with George he told me that map6 is running 6psi more boost, Than map 2. I may have had a overboost problem as the EPC light came on a week ago but ever since then it has been fine and George said to leave it as it is for n
  7. For anyone who may be interested..... Car is stock My map 6 settings: 1500 0 2000 2 2500 3 3000 3 3500 3.5 4000 4 4500 5 5000 5.5 5500 6 6000 6 6500 6 7000 6 FOL:45
  8. My experiences from Mexico..... Stock s3 (15plate) v Stock R - R won half car length (off the lights) Stock R v DTUK R - Stock R beat the DTUK R car (off the lights and from rolling 30, Must have been a bad tune or something) Stock s3 (15plate) v R JB4 map2 - R won 2 car lengths (off the lights) Stock R v BMW 135i (16 plate) - Stock R won half car lengths (rolling 30) Stock R v Heavily modded C32 - C32 won.
  9. Sorry I’m no expert but try disconnecting the battery / reinstalling the app?. Also apologies if I might be taking attention away your current issue but would someone be able to advise my situation.... went for a spirited drive this evening. George provided me with map6 settings. Which I need to log and send him back. 20min into my drive the car threw up a EPC light and went into limp mode turned it on and off and was fine. Strange but I don’t know if it could be the map or the car. Map6 has been on for a couple of weeks now but this was my first
  10. Always wanted to know how these kits worked, Also this put me off when i was looking to upgrade if your car has a 5.8″ screen and/or no infotainment drive in glovebox this product will NOT fit your vehicle.
  11. Cheers George with the swift reply i will update the app and get back to you. Thank you
  12. Hi All, I was wondering if you could help/advise i tried to google but i could not find anything. I recently checked my JB4 error code/ faults and the following appeared...... Im looking to install TT pipe and K&N air filter and poss a down pipe and then a map 6 but before i do that i just wanted to make sure the car was ok.
  13. I didn't get it in the end as there was not much feedback, I am planning to get the TT pipe instead
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