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  1. Nobody willing to take a few photo's?
  2. I have one fitted from this Ebay seller. Works well.
  3. So, went to the dealer in the beginning of Mai. They said they fixed the problem by adjusting one of the rubbers on the side of the windscreen. Last couple of weeks I noticed more wind noise inside the cabin but since it was indeed very windy outside, I didn't think much of it. Today went past 180 for the first time since going to the dealer and the noise was there again... Even louder. So will check with the dealer again, but would it be possible for somebody to post some pictures of the front window of his 7.5 R? From the outside. Specifically of the edges of the window. Top, bottom, left and right. And also in the bottom corners of the A-pillar, where there is some kind of a rubber flap against the window. The rubber between the A-pillar and the window. If you press that flap, you see the edge of the glass. I want to make sure my window fitting is "normal"... Thanks in advance.
  4. I painted mine black. Holding up nicely untill now. No chipping. Was looking for a sleeper look. I think it worked
  5. If you have the Trafic Sign Recognition option, then it's automatically there. If you do not have that option, then not.
  6. No, never noticed anything before the window was replaced. And drove a couple of times above 200km/h. Time to have a chat with my dealer I think...
  7. Don't mind the nice image of the dash I've put my phone in the KENU in the vent. Needed both hands on the wheel.
  8. Video Accelerating from around 160km/h I think to around 240? Music off, aircon off, vents closed. Individual mode, everything race except DCC on comfort. Car is stock. Sound actuator is off via odb 11. Windscreen replaced in December.
  9. I've made a video with the sound in it. What is the best way to upload it here?
  10. Nothing mounted to the roof. Replaced the OEM wipers with Bosch wipers. Did the same in my previous R and no problems there. Will check for a gap. And these speeds are in Germany obviously. So only a problem when I'm on the autobahn, which is quite often enough for it to annoy me.
  11. Not sure if in the right place, but anyway. I've discovered a rather unpleasant problem in my 7.5 R Wagon at the moment. 10 months old car, 14.000 km's. Above 200km/h or 125mph, there is a loud sort of whining noise inside the cabin. Rather high pitched. Kind of like the airco is blowing full speed through a very small hole. Nothing below 200km/u, at the loudest around 230km/u and staying loud when accelerating further. I tried turning airco off, blowers shut but didn't help. I thought something might resonate in the cabin, but can't find anything. Sound actuator is turned of via obd 11. I've had my front window replaced in December due to some chips so now I'm thinking maybe they didn't attach it correctly?? Is that even possible? Yesterday was the first time above 200 since changing back to summer tires.
  12. Wait, what? You mean there is a D Manual and S Manual?
  13. No, not at all. You put the tube on top of the door. In the water drain area. LINK
  14. I did the same on my old 6R. Completely eliminated any creaks and rattles coming from the door seals. I used some form of irrigation tube you can find in hardware stores.
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