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  1. Hopefully the card reader works for him. He doesn’t have loads of music on there but he likes what he likes and he was even contemplating just buying a few of the albums he likes from iTunes for ease using apple CarPlay.
  2. I’ve had a look on google and answered my own question. Suppose he will have to move with the times and either stream from his phone or try to source an SD card reader to see if that works. Thanks.
  3. My father-in-law picked up his Tiguan R today and can’t seem to find where to put an SD card for his music. Im guessing it doesn’t come with one but could someone please confirm? Thanks in advance.👍🏻
  4. Congratulations on the new car, sounds like a cracker.👍🏻
  5. That was a good discount you were offered. It’s a good looking car but definitely not £50,000 worth in my opinion. There are loads of other good cars for that amount of money. DTD currently offer good discounts on the Golf R so as you say there will probably be good discounts to be had from them and dealers at some point down the line.
  6. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/new-volkswagen-arteon-r-goes-sale-priced-£51615 VW have lost the plot with the price of their cars, madness.
  7. If it does have the ABT tune then the Golf R is really impressive.
  8. Very nice indeed, looks really well in DBP.👍🏻
  9. In car DVD players can also interfere with the DAB signal if you have them fitted. Think it’s something to do with the power cables.
  10. I have a 7.5 R and my front indicators are just the normal flashing type.
  11. That’s really good to hear. I’ve ordered a Golf R and currently have a Clubsport so was a bit concerned about the noise from the exhaust. The R I test drove was the older 7.5 with the 310 bhp and sounded similar to the Clubsport.
  12. How do you find the sound with the particle filter fitted in the exhaust?
  13. That is one seriously mega looking car. Gorgeous.
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