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  1. In car DVD players can also interfere with the DAB signal if you have them fitted. Think it’s something to do with the power cables.
  2. I have a 7.5 R and my front indicators are just the normal flashing type.
  3. That’s really good to hear. I’ve ordered a Golf R and currently have a Clubsport so was a bit concerned about the noise from the exhaust. The R I test drove was the older 7.5 with the 310 bhp and sounded similar to the Clubsport.
  4. How do you find the sound with the particle filter fitted in the exhaust?
  5. That is one seriously mega looking car. Gorgeous.
  6. I was told September delivery for a factory order.
  7. They originally told me I couldn’t have the spare and quoted me almost £700 for the Helix, tyre sealant, bolt and pump. I then explained to them how I could kept the spare and they quoted me the £515 so not bad.
  8. I have had a quote from my local VW for £515 fully fitted and programmed. They says them would throw in the longer bolt as well. I watched the few videos on YT and it looks easy enough but I would be worried in case I broke something or made a mess. Lol
  9. Yes the floor is the same as the normal GTI and has the higher and lower positions. I took a screenshot of the part numbers for the longer bolts from somewhere and have them stored on my phone. If I do end up going for it I will order them at the same time. Thanks for the offer though. I will probably end up having it fitted at my local VW as I wouldn’t have the confidence to take my car apart. Lol
  10. Thanks for taking the time to write about your experience with the Helix system. I have heard good things about it and I also agree with your comment about the cost of the Audison system. It is expensive in comparison to the Helix. I mostly listen to dance music (when in the car on my own) and the kids listen to theirs when they are in the car. I have a 5 door Clubsport so would have to look into the way others have been able to keep the spare if I decide to go for it. Thanks again for you thoughts. Cheers.
  11. Thanks for getting back to me. I have been toying with the idea of upgrading my standard system for the 6 months or so. I’ve read quite a few threads in the HELIX system but there isn’t much info about the Audison system. Good to hear the quality of sound is good and it’s definitely something I am considering. Hope you get the bass issue sorted mate. Thanks again, cheers.
  12. Deltabox. Was this the Audison prims system that’s costs around £1000 to buy. If yes. How do you rate it, is the bass decent from the subwoofer?
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    Beautiful looking car there.👍🏻
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