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  1. Ja5on

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    Cancelled my order. Dealer said VW wouldn't let him register it on system till Feb 7th..... then delivery earliest 10 weeks after that. After driving the Golf again today I decided against it and cancelled
  2. Ja5on

    New Golf R on Order

    Nop deposit back in full.
  3. Ja5on

    New Golf R on Order

    Well I went to dealer today and had another drive in a manual and a DSG. Preferred the manual but all in all not convinced with golf R so cancelled my order
  4. Ja5on

    New Golf R on Order

    Thats not good to hear
  5. Ja5on

    New Golf R on Order

    Wait and see what comes up second hand Golf R wise, RS3 maybe. Onky reason I went down the new car route was the dealer f**ked up monumentally with my original used Golf R purchase. So they offered me a deal to buy new. My plan was to be in a car by the end of Jan early Feb before I went back offshore. But waiting till May/June for delivery........... not sure i can be bothered. Don't get me wrong the deal offered is good, but am I personally that bothered about being a 1st owner etc.... not really
  6. Ja5on

    New Golf R on Order

    I'm not sure i can be bothered waiting
  7. Ja5on

    New Golf R on Order

    this was the email from the dealer.. "I am having issues getting your new car ordered, the order seems to be placed but it is telling me they wont start allocating a build week to it until the 7th of Feb meaning it will be around 1 month late, does this cause you a major issue? No changes to the deal, simply the supply date of the new car"
  8. Ja5on

    New Golf R on Order

    Congrats, I've been told VW wont take more orders till 7th Feb
  9. Quote from email I received from a tuner about if the new emission laws would prove to problematical for tuning. "When you get your new golf get in touch with your local dealer. They can then submit a request based on your vehicle’s specific ECU I.D and version number, which will be required before we can comment further upon file availability with it been a newer model, other than to say that as always our development is ongoing and we have no reason to believe we won’t be offering software for current newer models, more a matter of finding the time and acquiring our own vehicle for development over the coming months, as the development schedule allows."
  10. Ja5on

    Ultimate VWROC driving playlist....

    I'm a Man by Black Strobe
  11. Ja5on

    Hello from London Mr Rocco (7R)

    Agreed Dave, for an exhaust in a mixture if the airwave travelling though the exhaust mixed with the vibration of ( for this example) of the exhaust attached to the car. Even though the exhaust is on rubber mounts it will create its own resonance.
  12. Would our UK fuel quality not make a difference to how much coking up there is? US fuel is rubbish
  13. Valid point, but a tuner really never stops R&D always something new to learn
  14. Hmmmmm interesting read. Will the change of injector setup put me off........... not sure, doubt it. But does the possible added difficulty to tune put me off........ yes a bit. Buy any tuning company involved in VAG tuning I'm sure will be on the case and have a solution or two, maybe just not straight away