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  1. Thanks. That’s a relief. Convinced myself I’d damaged a cable.
  2. Has anyone experienced the optional rear camera flicking on and off on occasions? Without any knowledge it feels like it could be a loose electrical connection, but may also be software related... My worry is that I've installed a rear dashcam and I am hoping that this wont affect any warranty claim that I need to make. Any thoughts welcome.
  3. I haven't seen the review so I don't know what has been said, but I drive a Civic Type R FK8 as my current daily driver. It is a wonderful car and truth be told I would keep it for the track if I had the space and the cash. It is an always on machine. Poised and ready to rip its front tyres to shreds. I've got a Golf R on order for two key reasons. The first is the styling; despite what a stunning car the Civic is to drive, I just feel so conscious getting out of it - especially when I am seeing clients. If they toned this down a little, I am sure they would sell far mo
  4. That's tough. I umm'ed and ahh'ed about the Akra. I think it would be worth the wait. I think that it would make the car that little bit rarer when you come to sell? Easy for me to say though as I'm only just beginning the journey. I figure that I might even see a 2022 Civic Type R by then and possibly change my mind. Big driver for me moving to VW is the styling being so much more tasteful, but maybe the next Type R will be a little more 'subdued'.
  5. First time poster here too. This delivery date makes me nervous. I ordered yesterday and told delivery in 21 weeks. I'm expecting it to be December. Not sure I could hold out until March. Got a good deal so I went a little crazy on the spec too: Lapiz Blue Performance Pack DCC Akrapovic exhaust Pano roof Winter park with rear H/K sound Rear airbag Passenger protection HUD Camera Park assist. Its replacing my FK8 Type R, which I hoped to move on soon whilst values are high, but don't think I could do with
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