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  1. As Rebecca said, it may be worth looking at the conti sportcontact 7’s the reviews are really good for them as well, most seem to say there is more feedback than the pilot sport 4s’s. Conti seem to have done well with the newer tyres. personally the hankook’s it came with aren’t great but I wouldn’t pay to change them for anything else, just when they come up for changing I’ll swap them for something else. Whilst the others are better you won’t notice them much on normal road driving, those that got the Goodyear super sport’s have done well, I would have been happier with them. Sti
  2. Haha, well so far it doesn’t seem to have started my trial I am guessing as no data is going through it. @Booth11, no you can activate Apple Music through the media section of the display. I have used Apple Music through the phone which is flawless but was going to see what difference the inbuilt system was. Think I’ll stick the sa,e as you and just use Apple Music. Hadn’t thought about tune in radio through CarPlay to be fair so may give them a go to see if I can listen to my stations through that.
  3. Can anyone confirm if the internet radio and Apple Music works? I have tried both and neither seem to want to connect and get any music/stations despite me activating the trial data on the web, do you have to do anything in the car after activating the data online?
  4. I haven’t fully pushed her yet as she is still under the 1k miles for breaking in but I would say she feels well balanced when pushing her at the minute, def not rear biased. I have had a few rear wheel drive cars and the golf doesn’t snap out on you like some of them did, which gives you a bit more confidence in the corners. She is a bit more rear balanced than the old 911 I had which actually understeered more than I expected when I took it on the track (it was the carrera so rear wheel drive).
  5. Cheers Rebecca, added to the vote on which mine came with. The video I watched was interesting as they did it on a golf (although granted it was a gti rather than an R) Would have loved the super sports, I think I’m looking at the P4S or super sports when these tyres come up for replacement although that may be some time as still only done just over 800 miles in it.
  6. Mine came with the Hankook Ventus S1 evo3’s. I found a good video on YouTube comparing summer tyres and the best thing about them appears to be their performance in wet conditions but other than that they are middle of the road from memory. I think this was the video I watched which covered them.
  7. I absolutely love the car, so far I have been lucky with only a couple of minor issues to be fair but driving the car is perfect for me. I would compare it to an old 911 I had a while back, in that it is a car you can drive comfortably and easily on the motorway but then get to some back roads or a track and you can turn on the pops ans bangs and the handling is amazing, the only thing I dislike about it is the tyres it comes with. I have watched a number of track comparisons of the golf against other cars with small differences and find it interesting none of them mention the tyre
  8. Posted the video into the Golf Mk8 videos thread. See what you all think on the responsiveness. @Booth11, yours is one of the older cars, so would be interesting to hear how it compares to your system. And no I dont mean that in a nasty way 🙂, I would have loved my car sooner as I am loving the two sides to the car at the minute (comfortable when cruising the motorway but so much fun when you get to the twisty roads, just cant wait to fit some good boots to it)
  9. In the interest of trying to work out which hardware has the new chipset fitted, this is a video navigating around my menu's on the info system like the video above which states it is the newer hardware. I received my car in March this year and have been trying to work out ever since if it is the new hardware or not. Would be really interested to hear anyone with one of the older cars we know isnt running the new hardware how the navigation compares. I have attached a photo of the system information with the hardware and software versions to help compare. Really intere
  10. I thought I had posted it somewhere. Just taken another photo anyway and took a video navigating around. Will see if I can upload the video to see how it compares when I work out which thread to post the video in.
  11. Also, @dopper99, didnt you order around the same time as me? Pretty sure you were only a week later than me weren’t you through Medway as well?
  12. I received mine back in March and I think it must have the new hardware. At least it performs the same as the video as far as switching between menus and navigating but short of that no one has worked out which hardware version comes with the new chip set which I have seen. does anyone fancy doing a video of the older hardware navigating the menus to compare the speed? I can do the same on mine as far as menu options go and that way see if there is any difference in speed between the two videos?
  13. Has anyone else had the warning that "Rear Traffic Alert is currently unavailable" after getting in the car? It leads to the parking distance sensors appearing to not work either as it just shows exclamation marks around the car. Mine has done it twice now and each time after stopping the car, locking it for a while and then restarting it clears but the last time it happened was when I was heading home from work and just closing the door and locking and unlocking didn't clear it, so I had to drive home with the warning which pops up every time you stop and start in traffic.
  14. I thought even the base model was above the luxury tax bracket? does take the piss when a golf is classified as a luxury car for being over 40k but an Audi r/s etron gt which is around 130k is not a luxury car!
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