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  1. Everybody can have there opinion, you don't like it don't buy
  2. They certify everything TUV, and includes full exhaust, DSG tune, and rear diff tune, plus misc infotainment tunes so it remembers your last setting, APR for MK7.5 stage 3 does not come much cheaper
  3. Just visited HGP in Germany, had a good conversation with the owner Martin Graf, he did crack the ECU, does not use a piggy back or alternate system, he can change the settings, so it will remember your last settings, so no more redoing it every single time, start-stop, lane assist etc etc, he also told me on the software side dealer does not see a thing, only the hardware they can see if they look really good, with a cool dealer there should not be a problem for warranty, he also told me the software for the DSG is so much better that they can tweak it without needing a different clutch, with
  4. Plan to keep this one 4-5 years, next year when all bugs are out get a HGP stage 2 tune, hopefully autobahn will still be partially unrestricted for another 3-4 years so to enjoy the 526 hp
  5. That is what I did, one year old, 15k km, fully loaded 30% below new price
  6. Yes expensive, PP and Leather is standard on the ED20, but Akra/DCC is not on the German configurator, I bought my fully loaded 1 year old 30% below new price 👍
  7. Yes plus +/- 800 euro for box incl install and monthly fees of +/- 20 euro, for a 50k+ car which is in the top of stolen cars you would expect it to be included
  8. What I do not get, is that the alarmsystem is still below par (class 3), and not qualified (in the Netherlands) for insurance, insurance wants car tracking ability (class 4 or 5), which VW does not offer. With all the online traffic going on, you would expect the class 4 to be included, and class 5 at an additional monthly/yearly fee
  9. I do not mind that everything gets digital, but test the stuff before you saddle your customers with the headaches, and time consuming outages, we should get paid to be VW guinea pigs
  10. Really unbelievable, I do hope they sort their s.. t out shortly, we bought cars not computers, and I hope they read the forums
  11. VW lost their way, did we buy a car or a Microsoft computer ?
  12. It was always underrated, VW saw all the dyno's and thought lets make use of it 🤣
  13. If they have the same issues in the States, I can promise you VW has a lot of lawsuits coming their way
  14. Good luck, I hope you do not get any other issues, so you can actually enjoy your car
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