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  1. I think what Porsche do with the mixed system works well.
  2. I think 2019 will be the year i say goodbye to the .:R. It's a Nov 2014 and only covered 18k. I'm only doing about 3-4k per year, so was thinking of getting something like a 997 Porsche. They seem to hold value fairly well which might be due to it being the last of the NA engines. Although with the roads in the state they are, i wouldn't at all be surprised if i end up in a SQ5 or Macan. Having previously owned an R32 and 6 Cylinder cars, i wouldn't mind a bit of "Theatre" which the R lacks in. I can't help but feel the market is a little boring at the moment, or is it just me?
  3. I'm just running my update. Started it updating the Discover Pro before leaving, when i returned it was about 55% Do i need to leave the keys in the ignition or will it carry on installing with just the heat unit on? I do recall the unit goes off after a certain period of time.
  4. Had a small amount of snow today, so jumped in the car armed with the GoPro!
  5. How long is it going to be until we hear a story about someone who gets car jacked and in defence clocks them with a cricket bat?
  6. Is the metallic ringing noise not coming from the sound generator? I was led to believe this was the issue not the turbo? Correct me if i'm wrong though.
  7. Went for an afternoon stroll in the country. . . . .
  8. Some late afternoon shots in the country.
  9. That's mine ;-). He's done a cracking job! Looks good Hi can you tell me what you had done and how much does it cost Thanks £340 got me Engine bay tidied & finished with a non silicone dressing / protectant PH neutral snow foam applied and left to dwell Wheels cleaned with suitable, safe products to dissolve brake dust and road grime Tyres & arches cleaned & degreased Vehicle washed using two bucket method with PH neutral shampoo Tar spots removed with specialist product Iron filings and other metallic fallout removed with specialist product Paintwork given a clay bar treatment to remove bonded contaminants such as sap, industrial fall out etc Dried using ultra soft microfibre drying towels Paintwork inspected and localised defect correction carried out as required Paint cleanser applied by hand or via Dual Action machine polisher (where deemed advantageous) to prepare paintwork for protection layers Long lasting, professional paint protection offering ~ 6 months durability (sealant or wax depending on what will work best with your car’s colour) Plastic trim treated with longlife trim sealant Alloy wheels sealed Glass polished & sealed to aid water sheeting allowing for safer driving in wet conditions (exterior only) Wheel arches dressed Tyres dressed Chrome & Stainless Steel polished & sealed Seats and upholstery thoroughly vacuumed (inc. boot and spare wheel compartment) Air vents etc dusted Headlining & sun visors cleaned Rubbish removed, ash trays emptied All interior plastics cleaned and dressed with non silicone matte / satin finish, anti static protectant Fabric upholstery treated with protectant (G-Techniq i1) (where applicable) Leather seats cleaned and sealed (G-Techniq L1) (where applicable)
  10. That's mine ;-). He's done a cracking job!
  11. Picked it up last night after having a Professional do his bit. Car looks how it should have been from the factory. Well worth the money! I'll get some shots during the day soon.
  12. I also have trouble getting 5th. Only done 350 miles so gonna see if it gets better.
  13. Did anyone have a successful fix in the end? Mine was doing it on it's way home from work today. To be honest, i noticed it when i picked up the car last week.
  14. Tired Eco mode for the first time tonight. On "A" roads I was seeing 34.5. Yesterday in comfort I was seeing 34. Only done 140 miles, so still early days.
  15. Finally picking up my bw42 tomorrow morning! Pics to follow.
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