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  1. I did mine myself in the garage, I'd also read they can be a bit of a bugger to remove and there are tools available to assist but with a warm engine I found it wasn't to difficult by hand. Hope that helps!
  2. I've done 71k now, had 3k on it when I got it Dec 14. Outside of normal wear and tear e.g brake pads had the below occur: 20k - New Clutch (broken pressure plate spring) 55k Oil Leak from output shaft of gear box (manual car) 55k 5F Module replaced (MIB1) 55k coolant leak from thermostat 65k coolant leak from water pump Car still feels pretty tight, no rattles, still pulls well!
  3. Yeah, what was most obvious on my car was a pink/red residue on the front of the sump, the thermostat/pump is quite hard to see even with the undertray removed.
  4. Well, originally quoted £570 (I actually thought it might be more as I'm sure I read somewhere online of someone paying over 1K). Thankfully VW agreed to pay for the part and took 30% off the labour costs so came to £320 in the end. Still not ideal as it was an unexpected expenditure and I know I'm close to needing 4 new tyres! For info my car is a 64 plate manual approaching 70K. For both my coolant leaks I never had the light come on, however they were minor, more of a slow weep than a constant dripping of coolant and I always keep an eye on the levels so had been topping up every so often when it was getting close to the min line.
  5. Mine had a coolant leak from the thermostat theres a TPI out for this issue: 20133799, was still under warranty and then 8 months later I had another coolant leak this time from the coolant pump, no longer under warranty
  6. Hi Dom, Eventually I lost all sound which was temporarily cured by a firmware update, then three months later the sound went again. Thankfully it was still under warranty so my 5F Module was replaced. I have Obdeleven and it never pulled up any DTCs. Apparently the issue with the loss of sound is a common failure of hardware which causes the software to put it into on board amplifier into protection mode. Cheers Will
  7. Hello bud.


    Did you ever get to the bottom of the intermittent crackling you had with your Discover Nav?


    I've replied to your post but I'd be keen to find out how you resolved it.




  8. I lost the sound on my discovery nav pro mib1, nothing seemed to bring it back (tried soft and hard resets), the sw version it was on was 0290, I had it booked into VW who couldnt see me for two weeks and driving round in silence was driving me insane! I managed to find a copy of 0388 on a German forum and updated it myself. Since then I have had no issues, would be good to get my hand on the latest version if possible but suspect would have to go through VW!
  9. I had a new clutch under warranty at 20k miles, year old, was slipping under load in third and fourth, clutch pressure plate spring had failed. Had a bit of a battle with VW who told me initially it was fine until I was able to get them video evidence of the revs jumping up under hard pull aways at ~50mph in third Apart from that, now done 50k at 31months old and no other issues!
  10. Can you recall which fuse you pulled in the end? I am having the same problem. Thanks
  11. Crackling from head unit/speakers Hi Folks, My cars developed an intermittent crackling noise from the headunit/speakers. It can go sometime without making the crackling noise which makes me think it cant be the actual speakers themselves. Also doesn't matter if I'm listening to the radio or music via bluetooth I had Discovery Pro and standard sound system Seems to be getting more frequent, cars 3 years old in Sept so hoping I can get it sorted under warranty. Wondering if anyone has had a similar experience?
  12. Cheers for the input guys, I realised shortly after posting that when I was extracting directly to the SD card Mib1 Mib2 were not being put directly into the root of the SD card, TechieAli was spot on.
  13. I've FAT32 formatted my SD card, downloaded the SW to my hard drive, extracted the files directly to my SD card but my car can't find the update. Annoyingly this is the third time I have updated my nav so not sure what I'm doing wrong on this occasion, can anyone suggest anything obvious (or not!) that I am missing here? Cheers
  14. My clutch failed at 20k, similar symptoms to you, slipping in high hear at motorway speeds, after VW turning me away and telling me it wasn't slipping they finally took me seriously and found a clutch pressure plate spring had broken and replaced the clutch under warranty. Worst dealer can say is no I guess!
  15. I've been looking at these too, but as its been said its probably not worth it, the price is so tempting though!
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