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  1. Nice work! They're not for me, but the A45 certainly has its place amongst the greatest performance hatches. I just let go of my Cupra 280. I looked at the R, but it didn't feel different enough to justify to me that it was a new car. So instead, I went for one of these! M135i. Enjoy! Let me know how you get on with the gearbox in the A45. From reading posts and reviews, it seems to be much of a marmite unit? Sent from my E6653 using Tapatalk
  2. 10k deposit! Ouch... To make it possible to have another new car once this one is at its end, you'd need another 10k down to make it affordable. Will you have another 10k lying around in say 4 years? Also, don't change your mind! Once you've paid that 10k to the dealer, it will be pretty tough to get it back if you find a better deal or decide against the car.
  3. What makes the 135 tricky to get right is spec. Fair amount of uber stuff as standard, (mobile app to control basic functions, sat nav, LED headlights etc.) however essentials and basics are missing like parking sensors for example. To make it worse, you can only add parking sensors as part of a £600 pack. Of course, the rest of the pack is pointless making it hard to justify...Annoying! Still, red leather as standard. Nice!
  4. Got a few quotes on my inbox. Awaiting one more. Will choose the best of the 3. Test drive booked up today so fingers crossed! Best price was £378 Inc. VAT. 3+23 on 10k pa. Also seen a 12 month stock Golf R PCP deal. £189pm incl VAT again on 8k. Bargain. Hard to ignore!
  5. I remember this well. Avoid runways at all costs. Check.
  6. Appreciate this mate, Thank you. Actually decided to bag an m135i instead. Nothing like a flat 6 in a hatchback. Especially in today's market of killing cylinders in favour of turbos! Ugly as hell but sounds amazing.
  7. Turning this topic on its head a little, I'm actually looking for a decent Golf R deal. I'll be stepping out of a Cupra 280 shortly. Really had my heart set on the 290 when it was first announced, but I'm disappointed it's almost exactly the same car as my 280. So I ask you Leasing Guru's, any deals on mk7 R's about? I'm struggling to bad a decent deal!
  8. The power band is so wide, which sounds great on paper but the pickup never really feels that strong. Expecially when comparing it to the mk3 Leon Cupra which feels more powerful. Think about it this way. A BMW 435i is pushing for £45k once specced. Leon cupra / golf r / s3 has more boot space, feels quicker and similar toys for almost £15k less. Financials aside, I just couldn't love it. A golf r is always going to be the best of volkswagen in regards to performance. A 435i is always going to be 7/10 of what bmw has to offer. Why? M4. Today that clicked. £45k for a compromise? Not a chance.
  9. Just test drove the 435i Gran Coupe today. Left feeling underwhelmed. Not as powerful nor did it sound as sexy as I thought it would. Left feeling cold and didn't really want for it. Shame!
  10. Just clocked some tasty deals on the Jaguar XF S. (Supercharged v6 for a tenner over £400pm.) Then again, has anyone seen images of the new XF launching next year? Gorgeous!
  11. Looked at the XE S actually. It's a bargain for that kinda car, may outside my budget though!
  12. Believe it or not I've kept up with a Porche Cayenne GTS in my Cupra 280. The same can be said of an Aston v8 vantage too.
  13. Literally ask myself this question everyday of the week! I currently drive a Cupra 280. Placed my order as soon as I was legally allowed . Favoured it over the Golf R. Lease is up in a year. What next? As much as I'd love the golf R now, it will be getting on somewhat by the time I'm ready for a change. So, my options so far: - Focus RS (not really a fan of Ford) - The cheapest lease on offer just to tie me over for a year until something more interesting is available (mk8 golf r, Leon Cupra R, if it ever happens!) - Really not a fan of the A3/S3 etc.
  14. Just for the record. This isn't a top trumps direct comparison kinda post. Juat wanted to share my opinion on how the mk3 Cupra (my car) compared to the 7R as I've been lucky enough to drive both. So, first impressions is that the Cupra is so much more discreet. Like seriously it's so much like it's FR sibling. Mega stealthy! See? Those that know their cars will look twice and stare but the vast majority will just see another Leon. Kinda nice really and easily wipes the smiles of the abundant 320d drivers at the lights fully expecting to have an easy win. Compared the the Cupra, the R draws much more attention and turns heads in much greater numbers. Badge? Maybe. When it does get noticed, it's amazing how many accidents it nearly causes with people not paying attention at the wheel. I've had my Cupra for just under a year now and I've only seen one other Cupra ever. They seem so rare! Compared to seeing 10 or so R's still, I see at least a few GTDs everyday so still a rare sight I guess. The R sounds better from the outside. Period. The exhaust on the R carries much more bass and presense compared the the Cupra. I much prefer the R's exhaust note actually. Having driven both and had the opportunity to open the taps fully against the R, the Cupra is and feels quicker unless it's wet. Then I may as well go home. Best Cupra highlight to date? Keeping up with a Aston v8 vantage ;-) So, in case anyone wondered.... That's my thoughts! Now, anyone else wanna add anything? Would be cool to hear similar views from a R perspective... As a side note, I'm already thinking about my next car as I've only a year left on the Cupra. Focus RS (never fancied a Ford before) or the 7R. Decisions decisions...
  15. Bit of a weird one! Found the link to that part number. (Cheers adam) but it fits some rather less powerful cars too apparently!? http://ecat.ferodoracing.com/car-racing/brake-pads/FCP4425
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