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  1. Hello, After successfully resealing the speaker on the rear drivers side door panel to stop water getting into the car the passenger side door is now leaking. Before I fix that I want to get some spare door panel clips - does any one know the part numbers of these clips (2014 Golf Mk7 R)? Thanks, Andy
  2. Would be interested in this too. I bought two sets off ebay in the summer - both crap finishing including finger prints in the paint! I returned them and got my money back.
  3. Had my R serviced today (non VAG Garage). They have said that the rear prop shaft doughnut rubbers are starting to split and will need to be checked at the next service. My R has only covered 11k miles and I have two weeks left on the VW warranty. I will be speaking to VW to see if it covered under warranty. Is this a common issue? Cheers Andy
  4. Interested in fitting this - can the boot mounted Helix (rectangular box) be unplugged and the stereo still work? (thinking of when loading the car up on the odd occasion). Cheers Andy
  5. Seen this on ebay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-GENUINE-VW-GOLF-MK7-GTI-GTD-R-14-17-REAR-UPPER-BOOT-LID-SPOILER-PRIMED/202006349502?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649 Looks like an OETTINGER Roof spoiler - is that a genuine VW part? If so how much from VW? Cheers Andy
  6. Any chance you could ring your dealer and get the TPI number as trying to get this sorted out by my dealer is difficult. Cheers
  7. Glad it's not just me experiencing such service from Drift Bridge. May have to consider Horsham. 45mins for me too 😜
  8. Sounds like the rear drivers side to me.
  9. Hello, The rear suspension on my 2014 R is very noisy at times. It creaks and seems to be coming from the drivers side. Lubricated door rubbers and adjusted hatch 'buffers' and taken everything out of boot. The noise seems louder on colder days - today much noisier than in the heat last week. The dealer has checked the suspension and cannot fault it and it sods law that when I've road tested it it's hard to replicate. The noise presents itself when coming off of full width speed humps or on ramps in car parks. I know that there has been issues of this nature with GTI's and GTD's and there are several TPI's that maybe relevant (2034188/3 and 2034188/2). Anyone else experienced and resolved this? Thanks, Andy
  10. VW quoted £64 for the part, can't remember if that included Vat though. Mine is lose the windscreen end too.
  11. So got 4 months left on warranty so not complete disaster but not good. Yes could call it a school boy error, dropped the ball on this one. Coming from Focus STs upgraded by Mountune and Ford approved, I just didnt realise VW Racingline wasn't VW approved. Bit drastic selling the car because of it and yes feels like being kicked when down. So thanks for that. I have to say that before this episode I've found the VW warranty not very good, several claims turned down. Other manufacturers in the past were much better. The plus side, opens they way for mods earlier than planned! Anyway thanks for feedback everyone ☺️
  12. So my R has gone into VW today for several issues to be looked at. One of these is that the bonnet insulation has shrunk and is loose. I took the R in last week and at the pre-inspection it was agreed the part needed replacing and would be ordered up. Today I dropped the car in for the work to be done - I then got a call saying they had noticed that i had a VWR600 induction kit fitted and this invalidated the warranty. I was told the induction kit generates a lot of heat which has caused the insulation to shrink so my claim for the replacement insulation was declined. Sounds like any excuse to decline a warranty claim. Any thoughts, advice?
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