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  1. Re the glass, I think that all mk8's with the tinted glass is 90%. Knowing VW it will be a typo. I've had a mk7 with 65%, (standard) 7.5 with 90% (specced) and 8 GTI (standard, but stated 65%) and there is no way its 65%. The 65% is alot lighter, almost has a greenish tint to it, 90% is the same as Audi's privacy glass. My car is currently parked next to a 7.5 with 65% and the difference is noticable. Same with the new polo VW state its 65% but definatley alot darker.
  2. Yes, find this annoying too re the gear not displaying in D, having come from a 7.5 with a digi dash where it did show what gear you were in... Hopefully can be coded somehow down the line.
  3. Accidently pressing the R button can't be a bad thing 😃 I see from your post above your software is 1788 which seems to be the most up to date (and hopefully least problematic) also the D at end of the first number has something to do with it according to the guys on the GTI forum. I'm on 1666 and B, only real problem so far is phone not connecting sometimes, have to press select phone on the main screen for it to connect, seems a common issue with others too.
  4. Car looks fantastic! I've had my 8 GTI 2 weeks now and didn't realise you can turn lane assist off via the stalk so thanks for that - I've also found you can press the assist haptic button on the wheel then press ok to turn off that way too. Do your climate temperatures remember to sync (after selecting snyc in the climate menu) upon re-starting the car? Have you switched on the heated steering wheel by accident yet or opened the rear window instead of drivers'? (coming from a mk7 they are in a slightly different position)
  5. Re Tyres my GTI collected last week come with 18'' Goodyear Eagle F1 supersport. Was quite surprised as my previous 7 & 7.5 come with Bridgestones. Have a look at #33 on this thread, not sure where its from but seems accurate for the tyres I've seen so far on 8GTI & 8R's. http://www.golfgtiforum.co.uk/index.php?topic=287167.30
  6. Unfortunately its 3 presses, so from the home screen: Vehicle - Status - Stop/start. I've also just checked the swipe down method as above and the stop/start is there as standard so thats alot quicker. I've just learnt to live with it on in my GTI, the first thing I turn off is lane assist, wait until you start driving with that one...
  7. YES I have this every so many miles but in my GTD 😅 so cant be to do with power 😅 it must be when you go over bumps etc
  8. Sounds nice. Will be good to see a facelift R with decent wheels instead of those speilbergs all the dealers seems to have..
  9. If anyone is after gloss black mirrors, I had plain primed mirror caps and dealer painted them VW code Black L041 before I collected my car. These look perfect on my red GTD against the pan roof.
  10. Exactly this. I've just replaced the 4 locking bolt covers on my GTD, same has happened to 2 other mk7 Golfs in our company.
  11. Yes Park Assist will park itself. - I have it on my GTD but have never used it, because I can park myself :/ So yes, you will just have Park Pilot with the lower right hand button.
  12. If you have Park Assist, this is the middle right hand button. BUT, just noticed you can't have park assist on an R? Only GTI/D? Does anyone know what the top right button is for/can be for? Its bugging me now
  13. http://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2016/10/volkswagen-golf-r-facelift-smiles-on-camera-for-spy-photographers.html Looks like an updated version of the opening post. Bit more detail, but not much.
  14. I think the white hatch is a pre FL - also looks like the estate has a FL front end, with pre FL rear? (definitely looks like new lights though)
  15. I'm confused over this - both pre FL + FL estate have the reflectors in the same place and the (if it is) FL white hatch has the reflectors in the same place as pre FL?
  16. They will be the 65% on the 14 plate car. 90% were not available then. Whilst I was waiting for my GTD to be built they added the 90% tints as an option on GTI/D/ + R, hesitated to change to 90% but couldn't find any pics so kept the standard tints. It was around May/June 2015, so possibly only available on MY16 onwards cars.
  17. I got my dealer to buy plain primed mirror caps and paint them VW Black L041 before I collected my car. (Red GTD with sunroof, not R but you get the idea) It was about £130 IIRC.
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