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  1. i had a manual Golf R for a year and i have now swapped over to a new dsg 7.5 R and trust me it far better
  2. Hi i found it better to ringing them that way they will guide you through the process and answer any questions regards sid
  3. I had my new one fully detailed the outside was detailed followed by kamikaze ceramic coating The inside was fully treated with Gtechnig I also had the wing mirrors, headlights, wings, bonnet and bumper fitted with expel self healing film applied for the best protection stop the chances of stone chips ELLIOT AT DETAIL YOUR EYE CANDY IS A TOP BLOKE it cost a pretty penny but worth it:))
  4. its white silver bud it looks different colours depending on the weather:))
  5. white silver all the way with black prets👌
  6. hi there just got my new 7.5 R back from detail your eye candy at Mildenhall suffolk wow it looks good White Silver really pops in the sun:))
  7. After having a manual for a year I have now changed to a dsg and god its so much better than the manual DSG ALL THE WAY
  8. Also a big thank you to Booth
  9. Well i would like to say a big thank you to Gemma at ALA for her help in arranging my new four year GAP policy for my new Golf R I would highly recommend ALA to anyone and they price match plus a further 20% discount 240 pounds for their top policy:))) regards sid
  10. i used the chipex kit to touch up my wifes up and it was really good stuff
  11. But i drove a new dsg 5 door the other day and my eyes have been opened to how good the dsg is in the R sport mode is good:)
  12. hi there after having a manual from new i liked it
  13. and the carpet ones with the R logo
  14. i wish they done them in the uk
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