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  1. Coped with a very wet and windy Honister Pass with ease last year, other than that not really pushed the R over rough ground. This car seems to deal with whatever is thrown at it, even more so with decent rubber.
  2. Did my only launch so far with my other half in the car, she had a mild panic attack and made me pull over. It does make your head spin a bit, like being launched on a roller coaster. I do have JB1 fitted mind.
  3. Had Bluefin on my MK5 GTi, felt quick but over boosted. When I returned it to stock to sell I remember thinking how much better the car felt without the map. Didn't think the Bluefin was good for the turbo.
  4. Not that I have noticed. I find the whole sound so different. At first I just wanted to put it back to stock but now I'm loving it, especially on over run in race mode. I'd say the JB1 changes the sound too after removing it for its recent service. I am making people jump though when I gun it in 1st, heard some one shout "ooh" as I took off past a bus stop with my window down. I'm just happy to add some character to the R, before it felt so safe and soulless. Only use the car weekends now really so maybe not noticing any drone.
  5. Just a quick enquiry. Since fitting a res delete I have noticed a difference in engine note at 2500 rpm. Its like a switch, kinda changes tone as if the exhaust valves have opened, or is that what it is but just never noticed until the res delete. Also some nutty pops n crackles in race mode on over run (what I expected but not that much). I have a JB1 fitted too. Ta!
  6. I just had my 1st service. Got a 2 service plan, £280 for both from dealer. My car was telling me 25 days or so to service, just oil and inspection + clean and they sent a vid of the inspection.
  7. The auto systems in my Type R were more forgiving and I quite liked them, this Golf though, I'd rather have it all turned off. I feel we're given these "safety" features to counter the distracting tech these cars are sold with.
  8. Anyone had issues with the Panroof blind sliding back an inch or so of its own accord. Noticed since fitting the JB1. Seems the blind can't handle the few extra horses, a small problem but an annoying one nonetheless.
  9. I've been at odds with my P Zero's since getting the car in Feb. I've had 3 cars with 235/35/19's and this Golf has the worst ride. Unsettled at high speed, slightly crashy, I'm convinced its the tyres. All at 38 psi. I've tried 36 psi, 41psi. The Michelin PSS on my RS were very good, just felt like they supported the car's weight properly. I liked Conti 6's too. Might eBay these Zero's and go for PS4s's. These PZero's are for fast saloon cars though, not sports cars like the OE PZero's on Porsches. I wonder if VW just supply tyres with whoever they get a deal with, not whats best for the car.
  10. I had a 15' Type R and I'll admit, I felt very self conscious driving it, especially the day I picked it up. The rear IMO was pretty ugly but I like the front end. But what good car to drive. I have never driven a car (at this price point) before or since with such a good front end, even in the wet (once rolling) it just had so much grip, pin sharp turn in. Its the one thing I miss about having the Golf. I think the Golf engine is more flexible, the Honda's was a bit laggy/boosty kinda one dimensional. I'd imagine then that the new Type R has a great front end and I like the whole JDM look. I'm an EVO/STI fan so the looks do appeal. I think its refreshing to see such a mad looking car amongst all the staid euro boxes. One of the cars I lusted after as a kid in the 80's was a Renault 5 Turbo. Both MK1 and 2. A mate had a D reg pearl white Gt turbo, I thought it was the bee's knees. I guess that why I bough a white Type R, it felt like the modern day equivalent.
  11. Ticky here too. On 4k miles now. I used to have a MK5 gti and a MK1 TT, both had the same issue and it was the cam follower driving the fuel pump, looks like a thimble, wore almost right through. Both cars were high milers though, I changed the cam followers which helped. I'd suggest its probably a similar thing in the R, not an issue just the design of the engine. Once these cars are hitting 100k then it'll be something that needs addressing.
  12. 42ac

    Tyre Choices

    I'll give it a go, thanks.
  13. 42ac

    Tyre Choices

    I now want those brakes! Must not modify, think of the warranty! I had considered the PS4's, heard good reviews.
  14. 42ac

    Tyre Choices

    My R has P Zero's fitted from factory and I'm really not sure they suit the car. I'm on 19" prets. On the Pirelli web site they are described as sports saloon tyres and not the more performance orientated tyres they have. I have the pressures set to 36 psi, it just feels a bit wooly sometimes, like the tyres are moving around under the car. Does not inspire confidence when on a twisty road and the turn in isn't very sharp. Wondered what other peoples experiences are. I think up till I got my car (Feb this year) Continentals were supplied. Its the one thing about this Golf that I'm not gelling with. Just feels too much like a fast saloon than a hot hatch. Contemplating selling the Pirelli's and fitting Conti 6's or PSS's and driving around with the suspension in race mode. I've had the Conti 6 and PSS on other cars and both felt great, the PSS especially. Its not like these P Zeros are crap tyres, they should feel great. I've also found that upping the psi just makes the car judder over bumps, which it does to an extent anyway. Apologies if this topic has been discussed to death before!
  15. Check out the JB4 thread. I have JB1 and the R feels very rapid. I'd love a GTR, be an interesting comparison between the Golf and the Nissan. I guess the GTR would p**s all over the Golf in a straight line.
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