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  1. Just bought rear pads and discs from Euro Car Parts for £120 using the code WINTER35 for a 35% discount. That's my next weekend project sorted, as long as I can find the Carista I bought to wind the pads back in... Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks Twitch, that's perfect. Time to go shopping 👍
  3. Evening all. It looks like at the end of my PCP I'll be keeping the Mk 7 for another year, buying out the deal. Now its out of warranty I'll be doing some small, reversible upgrades to reignite the flame. First up will be a JB4 + intake pipe. Next I was thinking of some lowering springs, small drop with a stock feel so was thinking Eibach. Are the ones for the estate and the hatch the same? It's only a relatively small weight penalty between the 2 but wanted to check. Finally, would it be worth doing anything from the turbo back? Not sure it's worth it in terms of cost to install and possibly reversible later. And if I did go for one then it would probably be better power wise for a custom remap instead, and so no money back later. Thoughts? Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  4. Report her for either driving without due care or dangerous driving, that will have more impact on her personally than claiming on her insurance. I got knocked off my bike back in April by some twunt overtaking me then immediately turning left. Fortunately I had a camera running so all recorded, plus 2 witnesses. Reported it to the police and 7 months later I got a letter informing me they'd successfully prosecuted the driver, £680 fine and 5 points. That will affect his insurance premium for 3+ years at the very least as well as hopefully making them behave better around cyclists. In your case, the fact she's rear-ended you should be enough to help with a prosecution.
  5. Thanks all, looks like a small purchase is coming up then.
  6. Hi all, my '16 plate just had its 3rd service and all was good apart from the advisory that the rear discs are corroded and will need replacing (plus pads) within 6 months. I've replaced disks and pads before but looking at the workshop manual there's a stage that needs the diagnostic tool to reset the piston properly. Any advice on how to do this as a home mechanic? It seems a bit crazy to need a diagnostic tool to simply replace disks and pads.
  7. A few more details here: http://jfautomotive.blogspot.co.uk/2017/01/vw-golf-r-estate-wagon-valved-exhaust.html Looks interesting but also 2 exits not 4? Would be good if it was linked to the Sports mode in the car so you don't have to mess around with yet another button.
  8. Found the answer. For some reason the microphone permission was off. To change this, go to Application, Permissions and then enable it. All sorted now. Unfortunately that means the kids have taken control of Spotify again. At least I know how to strategically "break" it when needed
  9. Hi all, after the recent AA update I seem to have lost the ability to do any kind of voice control. For example if I go to Android Auto and then look at the Google search, I can enter text via the soft keyboard. However the microphone has a line through it, i.e. is disabled. Nothing happens if I tap the soft button and I can't access it from a long press on the hard button on the steering wheel. Has anyone had the same problem and if so, what's the fix? Or am I, once again, unique?
  10. Sad the the Little Islanders have won. Thanks for the next recession, and enjoy seeing all that you'd wished for be shown to be a fallacy. Farage has already backtracked on the £350mn a week statement, strange that he was supporting it 24 hours ago. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  11. Trading Standards? Phone Citizens Advice too. I've used them before and they were great.
  12. Rob PC

    Android Auto

    I'm loving the AA on mine. The first couple of connections were a bit hit and miss but its now working well. Occasionally it fails to connect first time but I then simply pick my phone from the list and it works 2nd time. Voice control is great, though it needs a data connection on the phone to work. Waze is due on AA "in the next few months", as of Android I/O last month, so hopefully before the end of the summer. Google maps is good, but I'm missing my speed camera alerts. My only small complaint is that it takes 2 presses to get back to the AA display if you were looking at one of the stock car screens. E.g. if I'm using Maps, then switch to Radio to change stations, I then need to go to Menu and then App Connect to get back to Maps. Apart from that, way, way better than paying £800+ for VW nav.
  13. Right you lot, I hope you've all voted, or are planning on voting today. I was down there at 8:30 to cast mine
  14. Just checked, do a Google for Apr coolant hose for the mk7 and you'll find it. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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