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  1. Lapiz Lightning

    Happy New Year..!!

  2. Lapiz Lightning

    Screen Wash

    BMW screenwash is brilliant been using it on all our vehicles for years ,does a perfect job and smells great "you could get hooked on it", Look on ebay BMW dealers are selling it in five litre units!
  3. Lapiz Lightning

    How would your rate the Golf R?

    I give it 9/10, Would have given it 10/10 but unfortunately ,mine came with two keys and the Missus has grabbed one , so it's not always in the drive when I want it !!! very frustrating had it come with one key it would have been 10/10.
  4. Lapiz Lightning

    New rear bumper required

    Had exact problem on rear of my Tornado Red GTI , Had to live with it ,it's not easy to get perfect colour match ,with fading etc. It literally will always be a pain up your arse !!!
  5. Lapiz Lightning

    Not another f*****g animal!!!!

    Just travelling home ,called wifey, " whats for supper tonight" she replied "Grilled Rabbits on the Radar"
  6. Lapiz Lightning

    Talk me out of buying a Mk 7.5!

    Absolutely Blown away with mine! Had it two years now ,no probs only been to dealer for servicing, Does everything you ask of it with ease , You should love it to bits!!
  7. Lapiz Lightning

    What to check for when picking up a new R v2

    Yea ! about time , Love the R ,love the greenaRmy, Devonport ender for 45 years. Hope Derek Adams has now got us in RACE MODE!!!
  8. Lapiz Lightning

    What to check for when picking up a new R v2

    Hi! James! Do you support the Mighty greens !!!
  9. Lapiz Lightning

    Screen wash

    Always use BMW screenwash, have never found anything better!
  10. Lapiz Lightning

    Lapiz blue paint quailty

    Had my Lapiz for six months now !' No problems ,it shines like a mirror ,just the worst car I have had to keep clean. I know the laquer will be soft for the first twelve months, but it looks so stunning I can live with that . I certainly love the colour and will have it on my next R .
  11. Lapiz Lightning

    Rich D's Lapiz Blue 7R

    Looks Great ! Lapiz is a very rewarding colour ,but it really takes all your time to keep it clean , deffo the worst car I have owned to keep looking smart.
  12. Lapiz Lightning

    Interior Clean.....now with added exterior clean!

    OOOH!!! it takes a woman to get that standard of iterior ! looks pretty smart.
  13. Lapiz Lightning

    mperry2805's New R

    Luvving Da Lapiz Man!!!
  14. Lapiz Lightning

    North West Golf R

    Feel proud! It loks brill!!
  15. Lapiz Lightning

    6K miles and needs an oil change?

    When you see the state of oil after 6000 miles ,it makes me wonder how engines last so long! It no longer feels nice and slippery smooth anymore, so I will allways change mine around that time and use the best oil possible.