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  1. I all am saying is the eurostar must be getting slower in its old age!
  2. Did this to fit my condensor, remove the two screws on top and a firm pull will allow it to unclip, then you can gain access to the plug, i couldnt find anything online about unpluggig ect so i just cable tied out the way. bumper is fairly straightford to get off, 5 screws at the bottom remove the arch liners to gain access to the last screws remove washer piping and on the n/s undo the big plug. what are you doing to it?
  3. Sounds crude, touch it on your tongue, if its sweet its antifreeze. Remember while its been in the aircon will have probably been turned off causing alot more condensation than normal
  4. Only if your mot tested is mr A Hitler... most mot stations are fine with it. On a practical side when your testing C63 black and the thing bangs and pops standard a little res delete is definitely not a fail.... the dealers definitely would to try and sell you it though!
  5. Couple of things, one this is a very picky mot tester to fail this but yes definitely aftermarket exhaust would have been fitted. two anyone who presents the car with cords and brake pad warning on clearly has not looked after it! probs an ex lease deal
  6. I get they will be taxed im more meaning charge it at work and its free mileage!
  7. To be fair, the audi sq7 has electric supercharger and its seemless, a tesla will blow your mind and plug in hybrids will save you money. is it really a bad thing?
  8. If it goes to the dealer 99% of the time the apprentices will do the servicing! Master techs are getting harder to find so they are snowed under with big work! Find a local independent, use genuine parts and decent oil (not quantum!!) and it will be shown more care than just another golf at a dealer!
  9. Buy a facelift and its all standard!
  10. Its had that already, it was driving me mad swapping the sd card out and back but this is a seperate issue by the looks as the nav works just the signal is very poor!
  11. Hi guys, had my 7.5 for a year now and the last couple of days in the morning the sat nav has had a mind of its own! Only happens first thing in the morning and onces its found a signal its fine? before i throw it back at the stealers again is anyone else having this issue? Based in kent
  12. Did you ever sort this? Iv got to remove mine for a condensor and crapping it!
  13. So after my condensor went pop today im starting to wonder while im in there to upgrade the intercooler... my question is to those who have fitted before does the acc always need calibrating even if it all gets removed in the bumper? also if it does need to be calibrated can vag com do this or a trip to the stealers?
  14. So today i try to turn on the aircon to find its not working! A quick glance under the grille has revealed a large stone dent and a greasy patch so obviously a hole. now my questions are anyone every got lucky and had this covered under warranty? if not anyone removed the front end of the 7.5 to gain access iv heard the acc is very very fussy?
  15. Another one for mine does it, sounds horrific but it soon disappears
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