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  1. Had this in my GTI and have it in the R.
  2. I've heard it's stopped people when parking etc. I'm sure it's activated at around >4mph
  3. The only problem I've heard about with the Onyx is if you require any type of paint fix - it's difficult to match and repair work will show easier
  4. Cheers all, appreciate the replies.
  5. It was Definitely on UK plates when I passed it mate.
  6. Thanks guys, much appreciated. I was doing well over 70mph, typically, that was the only stretch of the trip to the coast where I let rip, a little.
  7. Cheers, also, would it be that badly parked by the emergency/stop barrier? I am hoping it wasn't! It's where the 3-lane carriage way merges into 2 lanes a couple of miles from the M25.
  8. A21 - Mobile speed Van? I was headed back to London Northbound on the A21 this evening and I spotted an unmarked van parked up on the verge. Could this be a speed camera van? (Pics attached from dash cam) Thanks
  9. It's a nice colour but I couldn't!
  10. Some insurance companies payout (GAP) what you for for the car if new and within 12 months, double check, how old was the Golf? In addition, GAP would save you the bother of searching for comparable and put you in a position to accept the first offer, again saving time etc.
  11. Why do you feel you have been done by the dealer?
  12. Not tested, however, I'd presume you can bypass the limiter due to safety reasons. Just like you can bypass the set ACC speed but the car will reduce speed back to that limit once you release your foot, no? Sounds a bit odd. Call VW assist, get them out to do a quick scan - it's free!
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