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  1. I run a B&B, so my daily commute is a simple bleary eyed plod down a flight of stairs. But where we live is fairly remote and there are amazing driving roads in every direction. Nearest traffic light is 100kms to the south, 250kms if heading north. Lovely twisty roads through beautiful scenery with almost no traffic, although in certain places sheep/cows/goats/deer/pigs to look out for. So I try to run out of either lightbulbs or washing powder at least once a week for a 200km round trip to the diy superstore. Race mode mandatory. Would that count as a commute?
  2. Is that an M Sport? They gave me one of those for my R's 'UK incident'. 7 miles on the clock. Nice looking thing but pretty average to drive on the twisty roads of Cumbria. Horrible soundsytem and all.
  3. In line with thread title, in addition to the financial penalty coming this guy's way I think he should be made to make a short public film of himself explaining to his kids why doing what he did makes him a sizeable tosser. Definitely keen to know the outcome of this. Very good luck and keep us informed if you don't mind.
  4. Just total carelessness. Guy's come in at an angle in a big boxy wagon knowing full well he's got a passenger in the rear on that side. It's absolutely bloody obvious there's no space for anyone to open that door without hitting the adjacent vehicle. At the very least he needs to be telling the rear passengers to exit on the other side. Or bloody well reverse into the space - it's the only way you're ever going to get a tractor like that straight in a tight space. One of my pet hates is people owning big vehicles who can't manoeuvre them properly. And then he has a little think and fucks off to avoid repercussions! Totally busted, what a ****. Looks like you've got plenty of evidence to proceed with a claim though, so you should be able to get the repair approved. Dash cam doing its job! Good luck to you :-)
  5. Oh man I know your pain, it's so gutting when other people are so careless with your pride and joy. 2nd week of ownership of my brand new R last May I pulled into a busy M6 services to get a sandwich. Normally I look for a space miles away from anyone else but the place was absolutely packed as it was half term. I was just about to give it up and head up the road to the next services when I saw two spaces right at the end of a row. So I took the very end space, parked right against the kerb so there was plenty of room if anyone should take the vacant next door space and ran in to buy sandwich. In the 3 minutes this took, bloke in tatty old Focus pulled in to the vacant space and somehow managed to scrape down the side of my car. Unbelievable. In fairness to him, he hung around to fess up, was extremely contrite and helpful in sorting it out. Car had to have a respray and all turned out well in the end. I had it detailed and, looking like new again, I've brought it out to New Zealand, as some of you will know. 3rd day in New Zealand, now August, when parked in a mate's driveway his girlfriend's 6 year old was left on her own for about 5 minutes and in this time got carried away throwing stones into the air, which caused about 20 chips on the side of my car (funnily enough in the same area that had previously been damaged). Another respray required. Now the repairer has caused about 5 grands worth of additional damage to the car and is denying everything. I'm in dispute with him and hoping my insurer will step in to sort it out. It's all a bit of a nightmare atm. I hope you get your particular problem sorted as painlessly as possible mate.
  6. Settle down fulla, gutted though I may be, at least it's not an Unruly Family from the UK conning me out of my life savings, trashing beaches, ripping off food joints, robbing gas stations then running all over the north island claiming victimisation. NZ has been very kind to me for a good number of years now, and has idyllic driving roads that I will continue to enjoy whatever the outcome here.
  7. Thank you all so much for your constructive and encouraging comments. Really appreciated. Just to clarify re the insurance. They left it up to me to choose a repairer, which is why I went to my local VW dealer for assistance in finding someone. So I'm not sure where I stand in terms of their obligation to step in at this point. I've let them know the situation and smashed them with loads of pics earlier today, didn't hold back in conveying my disgust at the situation. Hopefully will know something soon. The policy wording indicates I can have one claim per 12 month period without it affecting premium. Do I really believe this? In NZ, actually maybe yes. Consumer law in NZ is pretty similar to the UK, so should be some protection there. It concerns me that I haven't really got proof where quite a bit of the damage is concerned. It boils down to the repairer's word against mine. So maybe 50/50 chance of getting it sorted if the insurance doesn't step up. The kid who did the original damage is the 6 year old daughter of the girlfriend of one of my oldest friends. Really difficult situation, they're essentially on the bones of their arse, I know they feel absolutely awful about it all. The little girl knew she'd done wrong, but there was no malice in the action, she was out playing on the driveway and got carried away throwing stones in the air, 15 to 20 of which hit the car. What can you do? I'm not about to kick them when they are down. They live 180 miles away, so difficult to arrange any sort of payment in kind, and besides, she's 6. Not lawn mowing age yet. Could send her up the chimney I suppose... I'll update when I know more. Peace.
  8. My apologies for this long post. In part it’s a venting of steam. But if anyone has any comments I’d be grateful to hear them. My 5-month-old car, owned from new, was damaged by a friend’s kid. This friend is not very well off and so I’ve ended up going through our insurance to fix it up and wearing the fairly hefty NZ$800 excess. I’ve kind of accepted that as the breaks of life. However… There are a number of problems with the repair. The finish on the paint job is dreadful, with smears to the rear and all down one side of the car. Additionally, there is damage to the rear passenger side door where, in the process of replacing the rear quarter glass panel, someone has prized off the door card with what looks like a screwdriver, damaging trim and paintwork around the door card. There are scrapes and scratches on the boot lid trim, as well as in the boot itself from where the rear glass has been replaced. And the Dynaudio has an intermittent fault where sound only comes from the front passenger side. It’s an absolute dog’s breakfast of a job (in my opinion, as I keep being reminded). The original damage was way less in comparison. Also, there are 6km on the clock from when I dropped the car off. I took photos of before and after. Yeah, only 6km, but still. I’ve given the repairer a chance to put things right, as I’m obliged to by consumer law here in NZ. His focus is on denial. He keeps repeating the phrase ‘I don’t know how that happened – it could have been anything’. After an intense discussion he agreed to take the car and sort it out. This also is an incredibly half-arsed job. He’s attempted to polish out the smears but they are still completely visible. He’s touched up the scratches around the door card, but they are still visible. No attempt to sort out the small dents from whatever tool was used to remove the door card. Door card is still scratched. And he’s denied any liability for the mess in the boot on the basis that I can’t prove it wasn’t like that before. And as far as explaining the 6km on the clock, first he absolutely denied anyone had driven the car. Then when I told him of photographic evidence he tried telling me he’d sub-contracted the glass replacement side of the job to a franchise around the corner. How far away? One kilometre. So that explains two km of the six. But then he claimed they’d made two trips. It’s pretty obvious to me he’s making this up as he goes along. Painful to be frank. He’s got his own glass workshop onsite. The repairer was recommended by my local VW dealership. So I went back there to let them know what happened. I just felt they needed to know that someone they had recommended had carried out an entirely unacceptable job, with no real ownership of responsibility and a pitiful attempt to rectify. Their response was that they wouldn’t get involved in the dispute. They distanced themselves from it entirely. I went off in a stew. Later I went back to the dealer to see if they could help ascertain whether the car had been ragged during the mystery 6km. I thought they might be in a position to give me some peace of mind. Head of service department just went into complete shutdown mode. He said they’d been in touch with the repairer, that my story didn’t add up and they weren’t prepared to discuss it any further. He wouldn’t entertain the notion of looking at the damage to the rear door, very obviously caused by careless removal of the door card. Repeated the line that they wouldn’t get involved in the dispute. But they’re perfectly happy to talk freely to the repairer? I find this contradictory. I’ll be talking to my insurance company tomorrow but I fear they will regard this as a dispute between me and the original repairer. So I guess it'll be going to small claims, but other than the pics of the mileage I have absolutely no proof of anything. It’s almost impossible to prove negligence. So gutted. This is my first nice car. 50 next year.
  9. Went for a nice drive today, volcanic shizz
  10. Happy New Year to all on here. Great forum - informative, engaging, humorous and thoroughly decent!
  11. Car wise: planning a big roady around the south island of NZ in April/May. re-application of ceramic coating, which was ballsed up by a recent paint repair job. Personally: keep on keeping on and try harder than ever not to be a dick. 50th in April slight increase in dj gigs would be good build a car port for the second motor, which, though still darned useful for some things, has been relegated to the side of the garage now we have the R Peace to all this season, and happy solstice today, whichever hemisphere you may call home
  12. AlanH

    Some advice

    Hi all, I'm after some advice. My car is currently in the body shop for respraying of a couple of panels. It's 6 months old and when new it was detailed by a professional detailer, including ceramic coating (IGL Kenzo). This was done in the UK, I've since shipped the car to New Zealand. So ideally I'd get the resprayed panels re-applied with Kenzo. But the only guy in NZ offering this particular coating lives miles away from where I am, on a different island. It's not really practicable for me to get the work done by him. I've found another detailers, nice guys, very reputable. They use a different coating, and reckon there will be a visible difference in the look between the two coatings if they were to touch up the resprayed panels. So they recommend removing the Kenzo coating and then re-applying the coating they use to the car. So quite pricey and still a 450 mile round trip (I live a long way from anywhere!). The guys in the body shop reckon all these coatings are broadly the same product and are offering to coat the resprayed panels with a product called Dura-Seal. They say there won't be any difference between the two coatings. What would you do? Any advice greatly received, thanks.
  13. Jag f-Type SVR. Have an enormous laugh in it for as long as you need, then maybe switch to an RS4 before returning to the Golf when it dawns on you how fantastic it really is :-)
  14. We get snow and black ice here on the central plateau, one of the reasons I bought the R. No salt in the grit they use in NZ, so should be sweet as in winter
  15. Mk3 Ford Escort 1100 estate, white. Put loads of miles on it travelling regularly between Brighton and Cumbria playing drums in dodgy goth bands. Happy days! Y reg? (Don't keep asking me why Reg, it just happens to be that year)
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