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  1. its 100% worth it, unlike aftermarket exhausts research has been done to make sure it sounds awesome when gunning it and sounds subtle when taking it easy (there's a vid on youtube somewhere) I love it personally adds to the character. Would it sound as good now with that extra filter and the pops and bangs removed from the new 7.5 cars?
  2. the akrapovic is a fantastic option IMO and it transforms the car in terms of sound, I've had two golf r's and I was never happy with the first ones noise. So it was a must pick for me and I have to say I'm delighted with it, launching, and downshifts are mega! youtube vids don't do the akra justice, I've got to agree with someone else on here, if you don't have it you will all say its crap but you haven't heard it in person have you? its all personal opinions but I urge you to go hear one first!
  3. Yep that would drive me mad, I was really lucky and got mine built last week of the old regs
  4. I agree with all the above comments regarding the 10 bhp it will make very little difference. The biggest advantage with the 7.5 is still the 7 speed box it’s so much better in terms of speed and economy. My only concern would be the sound, my 7.5 is so much louder than the 7 (does help I have Akrapovic) but I’d be gutted if they removed the pops and bangs
  5. I’ve noticed if you in S on the dsg you have to select race again on the modes to get the pops on downshifting it’s really strange have to keep doing it
  6. 7.5 defo is different engine noise in individual has to be set on race for the proper bangs on the exhaust (Akrapovic) also so I have to reselect race on startup as even if dsg in S it doesn’t pop on downshifts etc until I reselect race. I was wondering is anyone knew if i were to change the soundakor volume via OBD11 if that would keep the pops and bangs or would it stop it like putting engine sound on eco?
  7. Ahh even on the 7.5? I used to do this on my 7 Golf r manual but didn’t think need to do that with dsg golf r 7.5
  8. It was in race when started and put gearbox into s !
  9. IM finding the pops and bangs on downshifts confusing too, was annoyed as I’ve got the Akrapovic which is mental! Anyways on way to my old Mans was banging and popping every change down from 4th to 3rd race mode manual. took him out and it REFUSED to do it even though settings were the same I don’t get it it’s a 7.5 btw
  10. Decent insurance companies shouldn't charge too much and you should declare options to the insurance company as well. You don’t need to declare options you picked from factory I’m sure they can see that from the reg from the car? The agreement with an insurance policy is they cover the car as it was from factory. if you phone them and say you adding a £2.5k exhaust I’m sure they are going to put the price up a good chunk
  11. I have both and they are fantastic the exhaust especially transforms the car, the spoiler is small but really stands out against white not sure if it would be worth it in another colour. Please remember and this this is what people forget on this forum, if you retrofit these you need to declare these as mods on your insurance so might cost you more in the end
  12. id take it to a tyre centre, could be the valves need replaced?
  13. The new 7.5 has a much better 7 speed gearbox. It gets a real hard time on this forum for no good reason really. Drive them back to back the 7 speed responds better on wide open throttle. Apparently it’s more jerky on take off well I’ve never felt any jerking whatsoever I think people are getting confused at the parking brake going off on auto hold. Just my opinion though I could be wrong. other big diff is the pops and bangs and the bumpers and diffuser are a lot more aggressive
  14. I’ve had 2 golf Rs with 19” wheels and never once thought I need DCC I think it’s well over rated, the R rides really well without it. You have to remember once Awesome sell out of the exhaust that is it I think, it’s defo worth adding on from factory
  15. ALSO Get the Akrapovic it transforms the car!
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