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  1. Oz Racing Formula Hlt5 18/225/40 Michelin ps4 Fair bit of weight saving compared to original cadiz
  2. I recently replaced my wipers with the Bosch ones. Does the passenger side wiper blade and arm appear to sit higher than the drivers one. Maybe it’s just that I’ve never noticed it before? And I can’t see how changing the wiper blades could have an effect on the arm positions? It appears to go lower down if I flick the lever down to single wipe only If I put them on normal or intermittent it appears the passenger side stops higher up, then sometimes returns a bit lower down to what I would assume is the correct position tucked under the profile of the bonnet very strange
  3. Powdertech repainted and diamond cut one of my wheels. 1st class job.
  4. Markon

    Trolley Jack

    Cheers guys, trolley jack porn!!
  5. Markon

    Trolley Jack

    Hi,can anyone recommend a decent trolley jack for basic maintenance, wheels off painting hubs etc....
  6. Wheel bearings indeed was the culprit. All fixed and aligned and driving like a dream again Cheers all for the advice
  7. Vibration feels if it’s coming from the front left of the car.Its noticeable at about 50mph and feels a bit like the rumble strips you get on roads. its more pronounced when you turn the wheel to the left for instance when you change lane the car seems to track straight at low speeds and the steering feels ok and is not vibrating the wheel its not pulling to the side either? it gets louder and more pronounced the faster you go and is like a cyclic drone if you get what I mean. its like really loud tyre noise, like if you had an off road tyre on road. its doing my nut in !
  8. Hi, I have managed to kerb one of my wheels on my 7.5....18" Cadiz....lovely about 30mph in a bendy bit of road under a bridge. Powder Tech in Glasgow did a cracking job of straightening out the wheel and repainting and diamond cutting again. The wheel is true and balanced. I am getting a vibration about 50mph , which I was also getting on the space saver when I had it on for a couple of days. I reckon I need the wheel alignment done as obviously something is going on with the front left side of the car. Is this something I can get done with modern equipment in a kwik fit etc, they use hunter hawkeye, or I have read some older threads about the ACC having to be redone as well and having to go to a main VW dealer
  9. Did a combination of bed and breakfasts and camping. if you get decent weather then you can just pitch up in some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere. Just take it as it comes, if you like somewhere then do as you please. Parts like around Applecross we done several times in the one day.its our mini Stelvio !.. Have done all the routes on sports bikes and some fast cars. Catch it before its ruined by speed cameras and the likes. Last Saturday in July is after the traditional “fair fortnight” and the roads will be a bit quieter, but if you get up early, it’s light from before 5 you can have an absolute blast.
  10. NC500 Scotland https://www.visitscotland.com/see-do/tours/driving-road-trips/north-coast-500/ Awesome.
  11. Mines was 250miles away loved driving it home for the first time ever
  12. Really horrible,but the main thing is you and yours are safe. After you get over the anger and the sense of loss, just try and remember it’s a “thing” that can be replaced. All sorts of what ifs can run through your head, I could have done this or that. Dont let the scum responsible for this stuff affect how you live your life. We all work hard to get nice things in life, keep on keeping on .
  13. Seen a few threads about the pedal box being a no brainer for sorting out the dead spot. But which should I go for for my mk7.5. I’m not too technical and am struggling to see the difference...apart from a tenner lol
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