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  1. Those static shocks are super annoying - I usually have to check my surroundings so that nobody sees me flinch when closing the door once I've gotten out of the R
  2. Afternoon, I've just had Richard @ GoodwinCarDetailing (www.goodwincardetailing.co.uk) spend the morning paint protecting my car & I have to say I am VERY impressed with his work. He covers East, West Sussex & Kent. Offers plenty of options inside & out. Uses Gtechniq stuff which I personally rate very highly so that swung it in his favour compared to some of the cheaper options (who used stuff I had to Google to know what they where). So if anybody is in need of a detailing or valet & live in the Sussex or Kent area give him a shout.
  3. Chard

    Delivery Shortly DSG

    I agree you'll be pleasantly surprised with it. And less of calling us all old - 32 years young over here 😂 haha.
  4. I think the varying colours is probably down to the level of cleanliness of the car as I've noticed variations the colour albeit of the gtis rolling around my neck of the woods in the same colour. As I've said to my friends it HAD to be indium grey for me - although i dont want to start another my colours better than yours debate as I know what online car forums can get like meow hahaha. All the colours that the R is available in are awesome it's just I liked the grey to most. Thanks I'm so happy with it 👍👍👍 thanks
  5. Chard

    Hi from Essex!

    Definitely made the right choice. Welcome 👍👍
  6. Nothing tops the excitement of turning up to pick it up & driving off in it. I was lucky they had this one in stock ready to go (as wanted RVC but only for the fad appeal). 👍 👍 No I didn't the original planned owner did & the replacement hadn't arrived before I picked it up but it's due at the dealership who'll send it onto me. Thanks, loving the forum already. Picked up loads of useful information & ideas for minor subtle mods. Constantly driving around with the biggest grin on my face, definitely bought the right car haha. Thanks I wasn't at first until I saw them and haven't looked back. Indium is the BEST colour imo. I must be lucky as the guys I've dealt with have been keeping me regularly updated on my badge arrival (although it's only a minor thing & maybe a bit quiet being start of a new month haha)
  7. Thanks 👍 Was always my ideal colour. Yeah can't rate them highly enough, puts my local VW dealership to shame.
  8. Hello everybody, short term lurker first time poster. Yesterday was the day many of you have gone through it was the day I picked up my new road going weapon of a car. I spent ages umming & ahhing over what to replace my Nissan 350z with as wanted something with similar power 290+ but more seats for practicality (New Type R or New Golf R, I'm sure everybody can guess which way I went). Carwow was my first port of call building numerous specs before stumbling across Orangewheels (who had been amazing throughout) and with amazing deals on prices. I finally settled on - 5 door DSG Indium Grey Panoramic roof 19inch Black Prets Black wingmirrors Darker tint Dynaudio Can't praise the guys (& girl) at Inchcape VW Swindon & especially Chris for sourcing me my new pride & joy (granted it was a long drive from down on the south coast all the way to Swindon BUT what a magnificent car to get to drive back home. Still smiling like the Cheshire cat Right enough of my rambling let's get to the bit everybody has opened this thread to see and that is the pictures haha. It is a beaut & an absolute weapon/beast at the same time takes my breath away especially when I'm able to open it up to 60mph Looking forward to getting to know everyone & bounce ideas off each other & gain advice - as already utilized the new car checklist. Chard 👍
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