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  1. I got both of these cables from rob, still yet to fit my JB4 but have it all cabled up with the Bluetooth module ready to go. (post WLTP) Rob was really helpful and sent out the cables really quick when i ordered from him!
  2. There are not any farty noises on WLTP cars. Maybe a slight parp on balls out acceleration but very muted.
  3. I was going to ask is there any easy way to hang up then on wltp cars other than going to phone on the main screen and hanging up there. Seams mad you cant do it on the steering wheel
  4. Gave the Lapiz a good clean in the nice weather
  5. I used to have a 6 speed DSG scirocco and never used s mode as it was just stupid but the S mode in my new 7.5r with 7 speed is so useable. I have had the car 6 weeks and have used s mode quite a bit in last couple of weeks. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Just ordered my JB4 and Bluetooth adapter along with Robs two harnesses for my WLTP R. 😆
  7. As said above it looks like you have placed it too close to the edge. Mine sits about 5mm or so in front of that edge and sits pretty nicely there.
  8. Who has fully run in their 19 plate now and giving it some stick? I am 660 miles and hitting the odd 4krpm now and again.
  9. Bumped in to the exact same spec Lapiz R as mine today around Faversham in Kent. First other 19 plate car i have seen since picking mine up and it was an identical spec car..
  10. Had the car a month and the warning has gone off three times. On the weekend was looking at a new house and went to drive onto the house drive which was a slightly raised gravel drive and the car slammed on the brakes to a halt as i got to the transition........wasnt expecting it and scared the shit out of me
  11. Yeah have but individual mode with the engine sound to race is nothing like what Race mode sounds like.
  12. Is there anyway to get the sound of when you are in race mode without the sport gearbox? Today is the first time in my 2019 R since i bought it where i gave it some revs in race and it sounded great but when in individual and sound set to race its nothing like that. As i am still running in the car and dont always want to be in sport gearbox is there a way to get the sound with out the 'S' box
  13. Up to 290 miles in mine now. Filled it up this week and averaging 26mpg driving like a granny most of the time. hit 4krpm a couple of times but mostly all under 3k. Itching to give it a bit more stick
  14. It's soo difficult to keep to taking it easy at the moment. I am on 160miles and haven't hit over 3500rpm yet. I am averaging about 27mpg
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