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  1. Yeah have but individual mode with the engine sound to race is nothing like what Race mode sounds like.
  2. Is there anyway to get the sound of when you are in race mode without the sport gearbox? Today is the first time in my 2019 R since i bought it where i gave it some revs in race and it sounded great but when in individual and sound set to race its nothing like that. As i am still running in the car and dont always want to be in sport gearbox is there a way to get the sound with out the 'S' box
  3. Up to 290 miles in mine now. Filled it up this week and averaging 26mpg driving like a granny most of the time. hit 4krpm a couple of times but mostly all under 3k. Itching to give it a bit more stick
  4. It's soo difficult to keep to taking it easy at the moment. I am on 160miles and haven't hit over 3500rpm yet. I am averaging about 27mpg
  5. Only done just over 100 miles but they are still nice and clean whilst the rest of the car is filthy
  6. What setting does everyone have their dynaaudio sub set to?
  7. If the JB4 is working will a JB1 also work on the post wltp cars? this is what i was looking at getting once i have had the car for a while and run it in.
  8. I didnt spec it on my new 19 plate and was quite glad it didn't get added as part of the new spec. I just think i would always be wondering if the car was locked and also a bit paranoid about the car getting nicked. I have no issue with pressing the button to unlock or lock it as i know then its locked, having said that i am jealous i don't get the start button.
  9. Looks like I might have my first warranty call. Both my headlights have fogged up on the inside.
  10. mholmes


    So after picking up my new R yesterday and giving it a good wax and seal woke up this morning to the car covered in beads
  11. Thanks. I have a panel filter to go in too but though might as well wait until I can give it the beans before fitting now. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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