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  1. Spotted last week in the long stay car park in Aberdeen airport. Keeping each other company with the cold nights coming in 😝 Was also a red one park up behind us, felt like a vw dealer 😁
  2. everyone seems to love the pilot sport 4's- will be the tyres i try next
  3. I've sat in a few other cars with leather but i much prefer the cloth seats.
  4. Ben_15_R

    Upgrade to the R

    Welcome It's the most common colour and im sure people who don't own a lapiz will let you know that, but wow its beautiful! Congrats on the upgrade
  5. You should of been a vw salesman
  6. Never know what's coming around the corner, such a shame
  7. So far so good for camerons in perth
  8. 2009 bmw msport 123d , 155,000 miles would return 55mpg and was at 265whp, never let me down. Pick up my golf tomorrow, gonna be sad to see my bmw go
  9. I'm 26, 5 years ncb and in a decent postcode but you still can't compete with axa at £650
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