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  1. Baz8790


    Had my bike licence for 13 years had a gsxr600k2, cbr600rr, 2 x street triples and a gsxr750l0 sold the Gsxr just before I got the golf R but currently looking at bikes for when the weather gets better. getting a bit too old for sports bikes will probably end up with another street triple as I found they were more fun.
  2. Baz8790

    Akrapovic Sounds Kind of Crap?

    I wouldn’t pay £3k for the akrapovic but if I was looking at 2 similar cars second hand I would pay a bit extra for one with an akrapovic exhaust
  3. Baz8790

    Owned for 1 day and ready to mod!

    I had a BCS system on my mk5 gti and was very impressed with it so will be going for a BCS again when it’s time to upgrade the R only mod I will be doing just now will be a jb4 until the warranty on the car expires
  4. Baz8790

    DasWeltAuto Warranty

    Hopefully the car has no issues so the warranty won’t be required but 4 free services is definitely worth chasing
  5. Baz8790

    Sale at Euro car parts

    Eurocar parts seem to have as much sales as DFS but different discounts every time
  6. Baz8790

    Just got 7.5 R INDIUM 5 door

    Like the black prets and mirrors with indium grey will probably do the same to mine soon
  7. Baz8790

    DasWeltAuto Warranty

    I had similar issues transferring the service plan when I got mine dealer said I had to call VW customer services and VW customer services said I had to speak to the dealer I just sent an email to customer services with photos of the v5 in my name and explained that I could not get anywhere with either the dealer or call center. A week later I received a letter confirming that the service plan is now in my name and still has 2 services I did buy the car from a main dealer so that might have helped. Hopefully don’t run into issues using the service plan as I did not buy the car from my local VW dealer
  8. Baz8790

    VW Centre Caps for 19” Pretoria

    Do the cm reps have the Chanel behind the spokes like the oe prets? Where all the break dust seems to gather
  9. Baz8790

    Second hand prices.

    Most buyers will just look for the cheapest car they can find regardless of what spec the car has. you just have to wait for the right buyer that wants the extras you have and is willing to pay a little bit extra.
  10. Will there be any deals for Black Friday on the jb4?
  11. Baz8790

    Active info display and Android Auto

    On Apple car play I can get the map on the active display but if I set a route on any of the phones apps the map won’t appear on the display
  12. Baz8790

    Dirty Haldex Filter

    After seeing some of the blocked filters I think I will do an oil change and clean out the filter myself every 10k just to reassure myself that it’s done.
  13. Baz8790

    What was your first car?

    Mk2 fiesta 1.1 with a xr2 bodykit and wheels
  14. Baz8790

    What did you do to your R today?

    Done the quarter mile at Crail, first time for me on the strip and quite impressed with the times for a standard car My best time of the day was 12.587 @ 107.1 mph